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  1. I don't think there are many (if at all) R-W A333's with crew rest area. With the limited range of the 333, it is normally not required. If there's a 3 man crew on a flight, typically a business class seat is reserved for the crew rest. To simulate the real-life crew rest experience, may I suggest the following: - find an uncomfortable reclining chair - wrap yourself in a blanket - put on an eye mask and ear plugs - try to sleep like that for 2-3 hours, then go back to the cockpit For increased realism, ask someone to have their dinner next to you, while you are trying to sleep. For ultimate experience, perhaps once every 3-4 flights, arrange for a baby to cry over your head for the whole duration of your rest... If, on the other hand, you want to simulate the A332-style crew rest compartment - try sleeping in your closet. Sorry, couldn't resist...
  2. I can e-mail you a sample of the printout. As for triggering conditions, I guess a friendly engineer/mechanic with access to the Aircraft Maintainance Manual would be able to provide this. The 330 has a nice big printer in the cockpit and it is used for a variety of things - we print out load sheets, ATIS, weather, clearances etc. I guess a home printer connected to the PC would be quite good to emulate this...
  3. Load report? In the real airplane, If a hard landing happens, the on-board printer automatically spits out a "LOAD REPORT", where you can see the parameters at (and around) the time of the touchdown. Based on these parameters, the maintenance decides on the scope of the inspection required. It can be also printed manually via the MCDU even if there was no official hard landing, so we can see how hard we smacked it... Have you guys considered implementing this? I guess it would add to the 'wow' factor of your 330 and make a few simmers happy...
  4. Hi guys, Greetings from a rated/current RW A333 CA. Great shots, really impressed with your work. If if you need some help with tech stuff on the A330, or some beta-testing, let me know. Gretings, JL