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  1. Indeed there are; so I tried one and ran the Version Info program again and it still contains the entries Documents Folder: Environment.GetFolderPath = C:\Users\ericd\Documents Shell Folders\Personal = C:\Users\ericd\OneDrive\Documents I think the last line is the problem but the corresponding Registry entry does not show this, it shows %USERPROFILE%\Documents Anyway, I installed LIMC and it put the ASUpdater in the wrong place; it actually created the a OneDrive folder (I had deleted it!). So I copied the Aerosoft (containing the updater) folder to where its supposed to be and the updater ran, undated itself, and I was able to update LIMC, so it seems to work. So now I need to start installing my Aerosoft A/C (A318/319/320/321/330 and CRJ) and other Aerosoft scenery. Do you think they will install correctly? If not, the only other solution I know is to reinstall Windows 10, etc and start over. Any further suggestions/advise would be welcome. Thank you
  2. ASVersionInfo output attached. I see it contains a reference to OneDrive. Also, my Registry contains this reference: located in the Registry here: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Compatibility Assistant\Store Thank you ASVersionInfo Output.TXT
  3. Attached is a screenshot of the settings for the installation of LIMC scenery. Note where the ASUpdater is set to be installed. I'm setting up a new computer and this is the first Aerosoft software to be installed (I have many Aerosoft products). I'm pretty certain that the updater should be in ...\ericd\Documents\... and not ...\ericd\OneDrive\Documents\... This behavior continues even after I delete the folder ...\Users\ericd\OneDrive. Something in the Registry causing this? I certainly do not want to use OneDrive for any installations. Any ideas why the LIMC installer would do this and how to fix it? Thank you
  4. Greetings, What is the purpose of the button seen in the lower left corner? What actions occur when it is clicked? Thank you
  5. There's a lot I don't know about SIDS/STARTS/APPROACHES, but I am learning. On a flight LIML-EHAM (VATSIM RFE event), I was told to "fly the ARTIP1X transition for ILS approach RWY 36R". I'd never heard exactly that type of instruction previously. I found the approach in Navigraph, but couldn't find it in the MCDU. After some research... This is the approach (Navigraph labels this RNAV ILS RWY 36R). In the upper right corner of the plan view is the notation ARTIP 1X Transition. To load this into your flight plan (assuming EHAM is your destination), select destination as usual, the click ARRIVAL, then scroll until you see ILS36R. Select ILS36R and you will see something like this Now, select VIAS and you will see Select ART1X and then insert, and this approach and transition are now in your flight plan. If none of this is news to you, great. I learned something today wanted to share. FYI VATSIM DUTCHVACC is terrific. Thanks
  6. In an A318, I was climbing through FL300 at about 600fpm as directed by the autopilot with a complete flight plan loaded into the FMC, toward a cruise altitude of FL380. The controller requested a climb rate of 2000fpm. what is the correct procedure for doing this? I tried using V/S, but eventually the a/c slowed to near stall and then bad things happened from there. Perhaps 2000fpm is too much to ask for at that altitude and gross weight. Any insights would be appreciated.
  7. Does AEROSOFT - ROMA-CIAMPINO X FSX P3D (LIRA) Work in P3DV5? Apologies if this is answered elsewhere. Thank you
  8. Doh! I knew that :-). For some reason I wasn't thinking that an IGS approach is a type of ILS approach. Also interestingly this morning I watched a video on Youtube of an A320 autoland in a simulator made by a pilot training company posted in 2012. In that simulator the LS button is actually labeled "ILS". I wonder if Airbus changed the label at some point. Anyway, thank.
  9. As I commenced the final portion of the Rwy 13 IGS approach to VHHX I pressed the V/S FPA button and then APPR (LS not engaged). I then noticed "LS" (landing speed?) flashing amber on the PFD. The a/c flew the approach as expected. Can't find a reference to "LS". What does the LS annunciation mean and why was it on? Thank you
  10. Er!K, Thank you for contributing the scenery fix. Can you explain how you installed Rotterdam X in P3Dv4? Using the Aerosoft installer, I selected P3DV3.x as the simulator, which generates a message indicating that P3DV3.x can't be found. So I entered C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem as the Destination Folder which is where other AS scenery is installed. I then received the error message "Couldn't find Microsoft Flight Simulator". What steps did you use to install Rotterdam X? Thank you
  11. Received this from Windows Defender: I assume this is an error by WD; is it safe to restore the files from quarantine? Thank you, Eric Dziura
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