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  1. Thank you all for your responses to my question and the additional information. katrin_e you are correct about enabling the FMC Update via the Texture Installer. One of the choices Under Model Type (having already clicked on one of the installed liveries is FMCCARGO. Selecting that does the trick. DaveCT2003, also very good info. I haven't done a complete flight yet, but it appears that the A300 is runnong ok under Windows 10 / P3DV3. Adding all your info to my library. Thanks again!
  2. Could be, but I have evidence to the contrary. Several of my fellow UPS VA pilots successfully fly the A300 w/ FMC Update in P3DV3. Also, the installation application for the FMC upgrade is called AS_SIMCHECK_A300-FMC-ADDON_FSX-P3D.exe Note the P3D in the file name.... Thank you for responding. I'll keep working on it.
  3. Recently purchased the SimCheck A300 and the A300 FMC Update. Using the Flightsim Estonia migration tool, I successfully installed the A300 in P3DV3. The A300 operates as expected. I then installed the A300 FMC Update. I ran P3DV3 and loaded the DHL A300 but the FMC did not appear. I then discovered the location of the manual for the FMC Update. Under the heading "First Start" is the following: To add the FMC to aircraft, run the „Texture installer“ and update the panel. I located the Texture Installer and ran it. Before the installer itself appeared, a dialog box appeared requesting to install .Net 3.5. I accepted this request and .Net 3.5 (and others) installed successfully. The Texture Installer then appeared but I couldn't find commands that had something to do with "update the panel". I assume the purpose in running it was to make sure that the necessary versions of .Net are installed. After closing the TI, I ran P3DV3 and loaded the DHL A300. Still no FMC. (Note: the SimConnect A300 Settings popup has an entry reading "SimCheck A300 SP3FMC"). Any suggestions as to what I might try next to active the FMC Update? Thank you
  4. Just installed simCheck A300 and the FMC Upgrade in FSX-SE. The FMC's do not appear when loading the DHL version. The Settings window Main Menu (Views-Instrument Views-Settings) has an entry SimCheck A300 SP3FMC, but the adjacent LSK is not active and pressing has no visible effect (the other LKS are functioning). Any suggestions? BTW, haven't found any documentation for using the FMC. Please let me know if you know of any. Thank you
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    Hotfix 1.0.6

    Having the same problem after installing HF 1.0.6; several other files are "missing" also. After the error messages, FSX-SE crashes. Eric Dziura
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    Fuel Planner Planned FL

    Thank you for confirming about the "FL" notation, and yes I do understand that for example FL73 means 7300 ft. I figured out what was causing my confusion. I just discovered that the maximum FL that can be selected is reduced if the Trip Distance chosen is too short for the Twotter to climb to that altitude. Very nice simulation and supporting software. Looking forward to your new CRJ.
  7. One of the planning factors (Advanced Parameters) that can set for fuel planning is "Planned FL". I assume this refers to cruising altitude (flight level). If this is the case, I do not understand how to enter my cruising altitude. The program only allows the numbers 20-73 to be entered. Perhaps "Planned FL" means something else. Can someone explain? Thank you