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  1. Doh! I knew that :-). For some reason I wasn't thinking that an IGS approach is a type of ILS approach. Also interestingly this morning I watched a video on Youtube of an A320 autoland in a simulator made by a pilot training company posted in 2012. In that simulator the LS button is actually labeled "ILS". I wonder if Airbus changed the label at some point. Anyway, thank.
  2. As I commenced the final portion of the Rwy 13 IGS approach to VHHX I pressed the V/S FPA button and then APPR (LS not engaged). I then noticed "LS" (landing speed?) flashing amber on the PFD. The a/c flew the approach as expected. Can't find a reference to "LS". What does the LS annunciation mean and why was it on? Thank you
  3. Er!K, Thank you for contributing the scenery fix. Can you explain how you installed Rotterdam X in P3Dv4? Using the Aerosoft installer, I selected P3DV3.x as the simulator, which generates a message indicating that P3DV3.x can't be found. So I entered C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem as the Destination Folder which is where other AS scenery is installed. I then received the error message "Couldn't find Microsoft Flight Simulator". What steps did you use to install Rotterdam X? Thank you
  4. Received this from Windows Defender: I assume this is an error by WD; is it safe to restore the files from quarantine? Thank you, Eric Dziura
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