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  1. Hi!

    I know this issue has been mentioned and discussed a little bit before.

    That is, after I play the replay when I have parked my aircraft at the gate, the plane would be on an unexpected acceleration mode. There is no exception and bothers me a lot.

    I could not find a solution or conclusion according to previous threads.

    I just wonder if there is any solution now for this?

    Thanks a lot! 

    ps. P3D V4.4.

  2. I also have the same issue. 

    My FMGS showed managed speed is 326, but on the cruise, the plane just decided to set the spd to lower and began to decelerate. I had to manually set the selected spd to 326 to maintain its speed. It was a flight from NZCH to NZQN with A320-IAE.

    Also v1.2.2.0 and I have reinstalled the whole Airbus for 3 times.(P3D v4.4 upgraded with Client and Content)


  3. 16 hours ago, Hanse said:


    I had some other ideas what could cause your problem:

    • Did you disable the NSW Steering / Tiller before doing the Rudder Check? This is RW ops......
    • Maybe you should re-calibrate your rudders......
    • What does the rudder trim on the pedestal states......

    Regarding the video issue I suggest to open a new thread in the right section because then specific people (with the resp. knowledge) will look into it...... Please, never use one thred for various issues....



    Hi! Hanse,

    Thanks a lot for your hints.

    • Did you disable the NSW Steering / Tiller before doing the Rudder Check? This is RW ops......--> I have set Tiller:on, Disconnect tiller with¬†rudder, Auto rudder: off
    • Maybe you should re-calibrate your rudders......--> done many times for this
    • What does the rudder trim on the pedestal states......It is 0,0

    I also find it's Checklist related. If I don't run the checklist, it's OK. If I run Checklist, and Copilot off, even if I skip the Flight control check step, this still happens. However, if I run Checklist with Copilot on, this will not happen.

    Pretty weird....


  4. 24 minutes ago, Hanse said:


    sorry but then I think this has nothing to do with the CL but with the setup of your joystick / rudder...... I am also not able to reproduce this problem and until now no other user reported such a problem. The only thing I can suggest is that you open a support ticket and then someone will try to find / solve your specific problem...... Sorry.




    I will do some more tests after I install Content of P3D v4.4 because I only installed Client for v4.4.

    Hope it works.

    BTW, what about the video issue? Sometimes I can see the image on the ECAM monitor, but sometimes not... Why?

  5. 1 hour ago, Hanse said:


    does this also happen if you use "SKIP ITEM" for the rudder check? What are your settings

    • P3D v4.4 Options / Realism / Flight Controls - Use Autorudder = unchecked?




    Hi! Hanse,


    Thanks a lot for answering me.

    I have tested it. This happened also even if I skip the item( Flight control test).

    • P3D v4.4 Options / Realism / Flight Controls - Use Autorudder = unchecked?--> Yes, unchecked.

    Please help me. Thanks!!


  6. Hi!

    I have had this Airbus(A320/321) since P3D V3.4.

    A few days ago, I purchased it again for P3D v4.4.

    I enjoyed the aircraft along with its immersion, like the checklist procedure.

    However, I have encountered 3 times( not every time) that while doing Before taxi checklist, the Engine and all electricity was all cut out suddenly while I press my rudder axis(during Flight control checklist).

    Therefore, I have to Connect GPU, start APU and then start the procedure from cold and dark all over again. I have to enter my flight plan into FMGS again, too. 

    Besides, the Cockpit entry video sometimes work, sometimes not. WHy is that?

    What could be the problem? Thanks a lot for any help!


    ps. Windows 10 pro. v1803.

         P3D v4.4( upgraded with Client installation)

  7. Hi!

    I have just begun my first few flights of the A320. I read from the manual that I can use the AOC uplink of weather data.

    I can see my dept. and arrival airport in the list and then Request weather. 

    However, in the received message, there is only weather data of the departure airport, no data for arrival airport.

    Is it normal or what?

    BTW, the departure/arrival airport were LSZH/LOWW


  8. On 12/14/2018 at 11:28 PM, DaveCT2003 said:


    Have you run the ASUpdater?  If not, please run it "As Admin" and select to install Experimental Updates.


    Let us know how you make out?



    Hi! Dave,

    Thanks! I have updated the plane and the incorrect alt. readout has gone.

    Thanks a lot!

  9. Hi!

    I have just purchased A320/321 and just installed.

    When I fly with Checklist/Co-pilot on, the readout of altitude is not correct( eg. Co-pilot read "passing 10000 ft" but in fact it was 14000 ft, or while descending, co-pilot readout "1000 ft" but in fact it was about 2500 ft.)

    What have I missed or is it a bug?

    Thanks a lot! 

  10. 10 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:

    Gents, if Chaseplane is installed you should totally ignore the view system that we build in Chaseplane is simply a lot better. But as they change the system build in things can easily fail. And they can be very tricky to remove, I still have a  camera called ChasePlane Camera in all aircraft even though chaseplane is no longer installed. Drives me up the wall.


    This ia s very old project and we currently have no plans to open it.

    You are right. This function is not a "must-have" one as long as we have some camera addon.

    It's just more convenient for us when we are still not quite familiar with where all the buttons and knobs are.

    There is no illustrator of the cockpit in the manual.. so...

    Thank you anyway......

  11. 45 minutes ago, Borgillios said:

    I have tried the solution to copy the camera.cfg, and it does not fix it for me. 


    1 hour ago, mopperle said:

    I found this old topic

    Maybe it helps you although it is for FSX.

    OK.. I have figured it out.

    It's indeed the Chaseplane for me....

    @Borgillios You can try this: Deleate camera.cfg in C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 (after back it up)

    And then open P3D again. I think everything will be fine then. At least it works for me.

    But, in this way, I cannot use Chaseplane at all! Once I activate Chaseplane, everything will go back to the beginning.....

    Does that mean I have to choose between Chaseplane and the Checklist camera?

    Can't they work together??

    @mopperle Thanks for your suggestion! So you don't use any camera addon?


  12. 55 minutes ago, mopperle said:

    The problem is that when you install an external view system, it tends to mess up the special viewsystem of an aircraft (like the Twotter or the Airbus). What you can try:
    - Disable Chaseplane

    - uninstall the Twotter

    - delete all remaining folders of the Twotter

    - install it again but do not activate Chaseplane and check again.

    Hi! Thanks!

    I tried and it's the same.......

    As @Borgillios said, he doesn't use any camera addon but it's still the same.


  13. 1 minute ago, mopperle said:

    I also do not have this issue (see small video below). Question is, do you have applied any tweaks? Are you using a 3rd party addon interfering with the built in view system of the Twotter, like EzDock, Chaseplan etc.?


    I have not used any tweaks. However, I do have Chaseplane installed. But as I said, this happened even if I have closed or disabled Chaseplane. 

    So I am not sure if it's related.

  14. 23 minutes ago, Mathijs Kok said:

    I am unable to recreate this issue.

    I also find my panel view selector is a mess... I mean it's not the camera view as it indicated.

    I know you are unable to recreate this issue because it might be something conflicting or else.

    However, we would be appreciated if you could please help us clarify and solve this.

    I just bought this plane for 2 days....


  15. Hi! Aerosoft team

    I have a similar issue as another user (but not quite the same) and I have done a reinstall following your suggestion.

    My issue is: when I click on the text of a specific checklist item, the camera won't shift to a proper view. 

    For example: if I click "Control locks" or "Parking Brake", it goes to the overhead panel (refer to my first pic). If I click "Fuel Selector", it goes to other improper view(my 2nd pic). It never goes to the proper view.

    What can I do to fix it? BTW, I am using Chasplane too, but it's the same even if I close Chaseplane.


    ps. I am using P3D v4.1, Windows 10 pro. version.




  16. 14 minutes ago, Raymond66 said:

    Ok, thanks for letting us know.

    The only way to reload is to go in the Settings, change the mesh resolution by a big difference, click OK, it reloads, then back to Settings, set the mesh to what it was before the change, OK, it reloads.



    Well, this was first announced about a year ago, so I wonder if this project has been abandoned now...

    Thank you so much for your instruction! 

    I will try it later...

  17. On 10/14/2017 at 12:13 AM, Raymond66 said:

    Ok, yes, sorry: limitation.


    Does this happen in Prepar3d?

    Yes!! I am a user of P3D v4.1.

    Still have this annoying issue and have nothing to do with it.

    I tried to disable my FreeMesh, and no luck.

    I cannot reload my flight when approaching Lukla, because I don't know how to in P3D.( and I believe there is no such function in P3D?)

    I bought this scenery mainly to land there. Now, I have to put is aside...... I heard they are working on a new update or release of Lukla??


  18. 1 hour ago, mopperle said:

    no, I cant check it currently, but in FSX is a function where you can simply reload the scenery in flight. This is not saving a flight and load it again! I think the same function should also be in P3D, check the menu bar.

    Thanks! I will take a look!!

  19. 4 hours ago, mopperle said:

    I remember this "hill" problem to be a very old problem where the scenery fights with certain limitations in FSX which might have been carried over to P3D. It got something to do with how the sim loads sceneries. A workaround can be to use the "reload" function in the sim shortly before you arrive at Lukla.


    Thanks! How to reload? You mean to save the flight shortly before landing and then load the saved flight again??


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