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  1. Hi! Is the profile released yet? Thanks!!
  2. I would like to have profile for ToLiss A321 NEO, LR, and XLR. Thanks a lot in advance!!
  3. Thanks for replying! It is really weird because the command for the rotary knob works, but other FCU buttons do not work and and most of the LEDs except the landing gear's do not work either. I have entered the command and dataref into the configurator as I did for Toliss A321... I will file a ticket to Flight factor. Thanks again!
  4. I want to make my question more clear. Should we copy the lines in command.txt and dataref.txt from "\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\FlightFactor A320 ultimate\DOCs" into "\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\Commands.txt and datarefs.txt" ? Thanks a lot for clarifying!
  5. Hi! I have already made a profile for Toliss A321 without too much difficulty. However, I cannot succeed with FF A320. I mean when I press the button on Bravo, there is no response for the FF A320. I have a question. The command I use (eg. a320/Panel/FCU_SpeedMode_switch_push) is from the command.txt file located at \X-Plane 11\Aircraft\FlightFactor A320 ultimate\DOCs. Should I copy the file somewhere else so that HC configurator can read it? I am wondering if I just enter the command in the configurator variable, how can the configurator "know" where to find that line for the aircraft? I hope I have made my question clear. Thanks!
  6. Thanks so much for this detailed and step-by-step explanation! It does help a lot! I have one question. I think not all add-on aircrafts use default X-plane commands or datarefs to control the aircraft, for example, the light control( eg. taxi light, beacon light) or autopilot control. That's why in some cases although I have entered in "Variable" the command found from the X plane command list, it still does not work when I press the buttons or switches. Is that right? So to solve this or to work it out, we have to know the command lines for certain add-on aircraft, right?
  7. Thank you so much for your explanation. Could you tell me in the X Plane joystick set page, which profile should we select when using the Honeycomb profile? "User profile" or? Or the honeycomb profile will override?
  8. Hi! I really like the product of the alpha and bravo. However, it's just the configuration that confuses me a lot. I wonder if the setting in the configuration plane specific? I mean should I set different profiles for different planes? For the right rotary knob on the FCU selector( on Bravo), only Alt, HDG and IAS work on some planes. However, VS and CRS seemed not work for me. As to the light switches on the Alpha controller, I have lesser luck. Hope someday, I can set them up easily.
  9. Thanks a lot for answering me and I will try it later. And sorry to post it here because I thought it was related. I will start a new topic later. Thanks again!!
  10. Hi! I have done exactly what the video told me to do to set the rotary knobs in the configurator. However, only IAS and HDG responded when I rotated the right rotary knob. All three others did nothing( no increase or decrease) when I rotate the right rotary knob. Any possible reason for this? Or how can I fix this, please? Thanks! I have attached the picture showing how I set the configurator(Alt in this case)
  11. Hi! I have a question here. After configuring the configuration tool and activate it, do we have to assign something to each knob or button in the Joystick setting page on X plane? When I open the Joystick setting page, I can see the buttons assigned with the name(like Alt, HDG, etc.) but followed by "Do nothing"(like the pic I attach). Do we have to assign these "Do nothing" with some specific command? Thanks!
  12. Hi! I am also new here( as a HC user). I have some questions about the configurator, too. 1. What is the difference between "condition" and "Variable"?? 2. What does the "Index" do? 3. There is "Value" in both "Condition" and "Variable". What do they stand for respectively? 4. If I have activated one profile in the configurator, do I have to select the profile of a specific plane in the Setting of Joystick of the X plane setting page? Thanks a lot!!! ps. A documentation of how to use and set the configurator is highly expected!!
  13. Hi! Anyone knows if there is a template for SSG B748i? Thanks a lot!!!
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