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  1. Guten Tag FALL3N I just roughly compared your attachment Aircraft .txt (20.43K) against the original aircraft.cfg Lockheed Martin F-16A NSAWC Blue Camo Ok about your mods in [WEIGHT_AND_BALANCE] However the last parameter in YOUR attachement is InitialPbh =31.0, 0.0,0.0 The original aircraft .cfg contains 5 more parameters in [Reference Speeds] section. Is this difference intended? Regards Günter
  2. Danke Randy GPS is fitting well now in LMFD and working properly. Fine. Günter
  3. Guten Tag Randy, many thanks for the solution F-16 GPS in LeftMFD. Sorry to say I got a problem. GPS is situated in LMFD. However it is placed not far enough to the left. So right part of GPS stretches into RightMFD Even parameter 0,310 on the gauge11 line instead 6,310 solved the problem. No idea what to do. King air solution is of no help since I do not use King air. Günter
  4. Guten Tag intrepit Randy Using your GPS solution since you published it here. Like it. Thanks again. Having the GPS in Aerosoft f-16 left MFD would be also fine. Go ahead. Günter
  5. Guten Tag The HUD (your pic) shows all data to keep position According Ranging Reticle you are approx 1000 feet behind target. This operates like a clock, in that 1 o'clock means 1000 feet, 3 o'clock means 3000 feet and so on. Target Range Bar has switched to 10 sm. Range Bar can switch to max 20 sm Left of Target Range Bar you have Target Closing Speed Caret. Caret moves up/down according target distance Left of Caret you see closing speed of 7 kts . In case target is 7 kts faster, closing speed is indicated -7 Flying this close to target you are in an urgent head up situation . Perhaps that is why radar MFD surpresses target data (my guess) Designer of aerosoft f16 HUD did a very good job. Hope this helps. Günter
  6. Guten Tag Fastmover See my last reply here http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=20908
  7. Guten Tag Fastmover Since 4 weeks I am running FSX on Win7 64bit. (Vista before) I followed Rany intrepids install procedure and the FSX default GPS DOES appear properly in the right MFD (given the MFD switch in Avionics Power panel is OFF) gauge11=fs9gps!gps_500, 164,288,192,205 draw_order00=gauge11, gauge06, gauge07, Check again if EACH character and especially all SPACES are set exactly. Par ex. space missing between 500, 164 will ruin the installation. Regards Günter
  8. here is a solution for GPS in MFD (Multi Function Display) http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=20908&st=0&p=138160&#entry138160 I like it
  9. "....first let me tell you, that i did read the manual before even flying it when i bought the add-on, but the manual explain some switches, doesn't explain the use of nav itself, since i don't have formation in VOR and CRS setup, makes it tought to understand the uses of VOR, NAV, GPS, i did read stuff in FSX in the read-out zone with all the manual, but the thing is, english ain't my spoken, primary language...." Same problem here - had hard times and still learning. "So if i understand, when making a flight path, you just don't make a starting point and destination, you go through VORs, which you change CRS, Freq fr the next one in line when passing the present waypoint? and once passed the last one, you enter the Freq and CRS of the runway you intend to land on so you get the ILS on HUD or HSI?" I usually set destination ILS data before take off. When there are VOR waypoints I do not set FRC/CRS in NAV2 . This is usefull only to gain experience. I rely completely on HSI MAP mode. "......how did you end up to find it's CRS 330? ...." Whatch solid green triangel in MFD HSI . I represents VOR needle. You will make it. Besides some odd design concepts and bugs, the aerosoft f-16 is good software. Mainly the HUD in AA mode is absolutely superior - even against FSX Accel F-18. Adios
  10. Guten Tag Well the instrument flying busines is complex . It is impossible to explain in text each observation you make. Take this ".....first i thought you select your departure then destination, thats why i gave NAV 2 the Runway information, it's CRS and it's Frequency, why do we instead give the VOR?" The aerosoft f-16 MFD in HSI mode and NAV2 selected CAN NOT show ILS information at all. This is either a bug or it is not intended by the designers. To demonstrate for you that MFD in HSI mode and NAV2 selected CAN show navigation aids other then ILS I selected YUL VOR 116.3 CRS 330. This VOR is situated on track CYUL to CYMX. Now MFD HSI shows you on course 13 nm to go. During take off RWY 06 CYUL the course deviation indicator demands a left turn to return to track. To give your training a more realistc schape I recommend to set up a flight plan CYUL to CYMX via YSC, VLV, YQB, YMX, MSS. Before take off tune in VOR1 FRQ 111.3 CRS 060 and VOR2 FRQ 113.2 CRS 110. During flight scrutinize MFD in MAP mode and HSI mode and HUD Steer Cue and other HUD data. (After passing waypoints you might change NAV2 VOR FRC/CRS data accordingly) End each flight with some additional practice ILS CYMX and read aerosoft f-16 manual. Do that 50 times and you need not ask questions any more. Auf Wiedersehen
  11. Well, besides the fact it seems a little unrealistic to file an f-16 IFR flightplan CYUL CYMX for 17 nm nevertheless your plan is sufficient to demonstrate indications of HUD and MFD.Place aircraft in take-off position CYUL RWY 06L. note difference take-off pos and touchdown zone. Follow all your steps exept FRQ NAV2. Instead 110.6 CRS 058 select 116.3 CRS 330. Reason: in present position you cannot receive destination ILS however VOR YUL Now when stationary select HUD navigation source NAV1 and MFD HSI shows you good on centerline and below glidepath (because touchdown zone is still ahead) MFD in MAP mode shows one straight line to CYMX. Even HUD ILS localizer indication showing on centerline. Now select navigation source NAV2. and MFD HSI shows you on track to YUL VOR 13 nm to go Select navigation source GPS and MFD HSI shows 17 nm to destination CYMX. HUD tadpole symbol shows direction to CYMX As soon as you take off HUD will start to indicate time to fly and nm to destination. To make MFD MAP mode show waypoints you have to set up an flightplan containing waypoints. It took me some time of practice to realise and interprete all these HUD/MFD interactions correctly. The interaction between conventional HSI (center console) and MFD HSI is an extra problem , probably not intended this way by the designers. Hope this helps.          
  12. Guten Tag Frogger just discovered your NAV1/NAF2 problem. Did you solve it? Report if still interested in solution. Günter
  13. I am doing all my online flying in free http://www.ivao.aero/hq/home.asp Aerosoft f16 radar can not display IVAO online traffic. See postings here 6 month ago A sad sad flaw of this good product There is lacking interest of aerosoft to make the radar capable for online traffic display. Better go with FSX accel f-18 radar. Günter
  14. I am operating Version 1.1 as it came on CD. Without Update To see HUD and MFDs the engine must be running . Familiarise with the cockpit. Find out how to start (and stop:) the engine Find the switch HUD ON/OFF. Find the switch MFD ON/OFF Continue cockpit familiarisation - there is much more to find out. Thereafter start flying. The aerosoft f-16 is no toy - she is a wonderfull toy
  15. Hi icewolf, could you download ANPAG_68.CAB.zip ? For install read Horten229 post #1 carefully. Install is a little complex, however here it is running wonderfully.
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