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  1. StarGames

    No ASC_Avionics_ON or OFF sound

    Tested it with all Models.
  2. StarGames

    No ASC_Avionics_ON or OFF sound

    👍 Hey Dave. Have tested it with the settings in you picture, but it isn't working. As already mentioned it is playing the ThrottleDetend_RevOff sound for both action. Both, the first activation of the external power on the overhead, as well as the subsequent turn off, makes the same sound. So the two files (ASC_AvionicsOn and ASC_AvionicsOff) can not be used at all, but if only one of them would be used, it doesn't make sense at all. :D Can you link me that other thread you mentioned Dave? Thx
  3. StarGames

    No ASC_Avionics_ON or OFF sound

    Thx Mathijs I found out that instead of the ASC_AvionicsOn and ASC_AvionicsOff sounds it is playing the ThrottleDetend_RevOff sound.
  4. StarGames

    No ASC_Avionics_ON or OFF sound

    Little correction: Its the ASC_AvionicsOn and ASC_AvionicsOff files
  5. Yesterday I saw a video of a startup from a real A320 and I love the sound, when you connect the external Power to the Aircraft. So I thought it would be nice if this would be implemented in the Aerosoft Airbus. Then I remembered that I already heard this in the Airbus Pro, but haven’t noticed it recently and started a flight. I connected the ground power, but only the normal Avionics sound came. So I thought the Sound got deleted and looked into the files and found the ASC_Avionics_ON and OFF files with exactly that sound I searched for. Because I also got some problems with printer printing invisible sheets, I completely reinstalled the whole A320 Family, restarted the PC and started a Flight, but no Avionics_ON or OFF sound. Then I installed the experimental updates, maybe they fix the problem, but they don’t. Now my Question: Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug with the Aircraft? My default State is Cold and Dark. I already searched in the forum for this topic and found nothing so I opened this on
  6. StarGames

    'External' shops

    Perfect Thx Tom
  7. StarGames

    'External' shops

    If I bought the bundle in an external shop, can I then just enter the serial code in the voucher box at the checkout and get the discount in the Aerosoft shop?
  8. The first release on the 12th of July will only be for P3Dv4. A 32-bit Version could be released later.
  9. That's my birthday It would be awesome if it's ready for release until the 12th, so i can buy it as my birthday present
  10. I‘ve got a short question. I‘m still new in this Forum and I don‘t know if this topic is the right one for this. I purchased the old Buses (A318-321) not from the Aerosoft Store but from an other reseller ( Now my question is if it is possible to get the discount on the new ones although I don‘t purchased them from the Aerosoft Store.