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  1. When I joined BEA in 1964, after 12 years as a fighter pilot in the R.A.F. this was the aircraft they put me on:- The Vickers Viscount...However, they could not start a course for us at that moment as the Training System was a bit gummed up. So they sent me home on two weeks paid leave...I drew a set of Viscount manuals to take home with me to study. I was called in to fly two "Supernumary Flights" on the Viscount and one of them was to Warsaw with a refuelling stop at Hamburg. Hamburg is where we are here. I did another "Supernumary Flight" on some German Internals...I was just instructed to sit in the jump seat and watch and listen to how it all went. At the end of the two weeks I got a telegram from BEA to say that the training setup could not yet accept us on a course, so would I take another two weeks paid leave! Well I didn't waste all this time as I spent it studying those Viscount manuals and by the time my course started I really knew them back to front. Finally when we gathered in a lecture room to start our course, the instructor announced "It's ALL BEEN CHANGED chaps, and you are all going on VANGUARDS!" So those supernumary flights were the only flights I ever had on the VISCOUNT
  2. Thank you Oliver BTW...I have been a fan of your work ever since your original Bremen.
  3. I've been using this for some time now and have 46 airports equipped with these services. Here are a few pictures from just 5 of them:- To find out where they are and look at the other pictures in the sequences you would have to go to here:- http://forum.fsscreenshots.com/dcboard.php...e=full&page Thanks for looking
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