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  1. Hello, Just bought the new Mega Airport Madrid off Simmarket, and at the end of install I had a run-time error coming up. Searching the forum, I found that it was already reported by a user and the topic was closed, stating the issue is fixed. Well, let me tell you, the issue is not fixed, or if it is then Simmarket customers for some reason have access to the installer that still carries the fault. Kind regards lucikam
  2. Is it confirmed and final that no wingflex will be available? According to some earlier posts, it seems so... Very sad. Such a high quality, such a promising addon missing out this featue... I thought I will soon be buying a dream airplane, nearly pre-ordered, but if it's confirmed that no wingflex will be simulated I rather miss out this Airbus and wait for another airplane. I hope it's not true, and wingflex will be included! Zsolt
  3. Yes, yes, yes, thanks very much, I think it is really beautiful, can't wait to fly it! Hope you received my PM including my e-mail address:-) It is very kind from you painting it for me, and for all of those who like this airline!
  4. Hi, Of course I do play with FS 9 - The Century of Flight:-) Thanks for the links, I already posted a topic, asking people to make me a repaint on Cityjet. I hope somebody will do it. Thanks for all your support! Zsolt
  5. Dear all of You, My name is Zsolt, and I would like to ask for all your kindness as I am desperately longing for a repaint on the Aerosoft BAE 146-200 to be dressed in CityJet's livery. I am living and working in Dublin, Ireland, employed by Ryanair, so I spend some of my time at the airport. Every day I can see Cityjet's Avros on the stand or in motion. I really love their very simple yet nice livery, but I don't have the skills to make the paint myself. Unfortunately I can't do it, but I really hope that somebody would do a nice repaint for me. It would be great to fly the Cityjet birds. There are very professional painters among you, and I think this livery is not a difficult one for those who know how to do it. Please, be so kind and do a repaint for me. Here are some photos, more can be found on, selecting the airline "Cityjet" from the list. I am really looking forward to having the Cityjet livery and then let's go Dublin, London City (quite difficult airport), Paris Charles De Gaulle, Paris Orly, Zurich, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Eindhoven, Strasbourg and the rest:-) Thank you very much in advance! Sincerely, Zsolt
  6. Dear Jim, Thanks very much for this handy alternative. This way it is possible to fly the default GPS indeed. Anyway I had no problem with the autopilot itself, I only wanted to be able to use the default GPS instead of the FMC which is the only part of the stuff that I don't like. But I'm in love with all the rest, really! But the visual model is brilliant and the flying characteristics too, so I will set up the next flight, let's go to London City:-) What is the exact path to copy my flight plans if I wish to use the FMC one day, where should I copy the FS flight plans to be able to load them? Is it C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FS2002... Or simply C:\FS2002... ? And one final question: Do you know is there a CityJet (Irish) livery available somewhere? If not, please give me a hint, who (which user here at the forum) is the one that I can ask for the repaint? Maybe somebody could to it for me, it would be fantastic to fly CityJet! I work for Ryanair as Cabin Crew here in Dublin, and I see those CityJet planes every day, I really love them. Here is a picture on one of their birds: Thanks for all your help, and all the best, Zsolt
  7. Dear Designers, dear Users, I'd need your kind support. I have recently purchased the Aerosoft BAE 146 which I really like. It is a very nice plane, and looks stunning. Yet I don't like two things, the first is the FMS which comes with the stuff and the other is that it seems unable to fly the default GPS. I don't want to use the FMS of this plane so I simply leave it aone. I would use the default GPS and ATC instead but it seems to be a mission impossible. Though there is a NAV/GPS switch, but the V/L and the VNAV buttons simply do not seem to follow the FS Flightplan when in GPS mode. Pressing the key combination CTRL+N solves the problem but is very unrealistic. Is there any chance to visually select this NAV mode to follow the FS Flightplan? Thank you very much indeed! Sincerely, Zsolt
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