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  1. I would like to know what the current situation is if you just update with no change regarding scenery handling and the usage of Simstarter. I had hoped to read some clarifying notes by Peter about it all.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=99&v=NfCcI-tg4mU Has Aerosoft any information about it? Regards, Klaus
  3. I have voted no because I wouldn't stop posting because of that but I would like to say what I think about being german regarding this matter. I have the feeling that germans are a bit more concerned about safety and privacy than other nationalities.It may be just a personal feeling but I recognise this on many occasions. If I take me as an example...although I'm pretty sure that my data is already spread all over the world I'm refusing to use Whatsapp just because I can't accept that the data of my friends is uploaded without their permission. When I started in Flightsim I used an Avatar showing a picture of me which I thought was very nice and funny but then I thought...wait a minute...I'm posting when I shouldn't have time for it and someone won't like it if he finds out. So I changed my avatar. Sometimes the reasons are that simple why people don't want it Grüße Klaus
  4. Although I don't have much experience with EDDK because it came out just recently I can say that on my system it runs very well on Win7. Hope that helps Klaus
  5. Thanks a lot for this, very much appreciated!!!! Regards, Klaus
  6. Ich bin mir gar nicht sicher, ob er die Option "Run SceneryMGR at Profilstart" immer benutzt oder ob es nur zum Test war. Bei mir ist es es so, dass ich in meinem Profil alle Airports ausgeschaltet habe (egal auf welche Art eingebunden), dann starte ich mit "Run SceneryMGR at Profilstart" und wähle die Airports, die ich nutzen will, das funktioniert auch bei mir. Ich meine mich zu erinnern, dass wenn ich keinen auswähle, dann sind alle aktiviert sobald ich den Sim starte. Grüße Klaus
  7. I only had time to do one flight since the last updated ecam file and on that flight the situation had improved, initial descend of 3900 fpm which decreased after one minute or so. I just felt the following descent to EGLL a bit "nervous", the value of descent rate was ok but it went up and down a lot, I think it should be smoother.
  8. The descend situation got better for me too after 1 min or so. But later it was "behind the purple circle" although descend rate could be higher then (it was ~1000 fpm)
  9. P3D and the airbus were loaded fresh. I had to load the cold&dark state because the aircraft state after loading was a bit strange (forgot to tell you), it had batteries on, engines were off but the switches set to on (?) and the displays weren't showing anything although they were turned up.
  10. I updated to and after that Replaced the single file with the one from this thread here. I did the tutorial flight twice and unfortunately the situation was worse than before. I'll sum up what I've seen with some screenshots, I just want to make clear that all impressions are based on my knowledge as a non-pilot so in the end you will have to decide what is normal and what is not... Pic 1: Initial descent still much to agressive with increase of speed to more than 300 kn Pic 2: Altitude reached very early before arriving at LOGAN and after that speed reduction to 210 kn Pic 3 Speed at 210 kn (FMC value is 180 kn?) Pic 4 After some waypoints with a speed value of 180 kn waypoint D083L follows with a setup speed of 250 kn? Pic 5 Set Altitude of D083L will not be reached although higher descent rate would be possible, instead speed is decreasing more than necessary Pic 6 Finally aircraft is not reaching the needed altitude to capture glideslope But I have to say that it happened only on the first of the two flights that the aircraft didn't get down down as far as it should. There were some other strange things happening regarding co-pilot/checklist but as this happened the first time and is not what we're talking about in this thread I left them off. Klaus
  11. I was too much focused on the descent rate but I just had a look at all the screenshots I made at the time and can say the speed increased from 275 kn to a maximum of 300 kn.
  12. It happened directly after descent was started and calmed down after a short time (maybe 1 min) The loading was as exactly as I could set it, I think cargo was 2026 kg because I couldn't set the slider to 2000.
  13. I did the tutorial flight yesterday with very low graphics settings, here is what I recognized... Initial descent to extreme (up to 4900 ft/min)...see pic 1 Distance to actual waypoint in FMC doesn't get updated (see pic 2, ND 2.7 NM, in FMC still 20 NM) I felt the purple circle in PFD was too "nervous" moving Hope that helps! Regards, Klaus
  14. I will do it at the weekend if it helps. The only thing is...as I have used the v3 version before (in fact it was my start into flightsim) I haven't done it with the v4 version so I have no comparison from that specific flight.
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