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  1. I screwed up when booking my holiday to Turkey, Newcastle to Antalya on an A321, but my flight departs at 6 am on the 6th September,as I've bought the Professional bundle, Mathijs can you not let me have my AS A320/321 a day early?
  2. eaim


    I was desperate for the busses, now I'm desperate for Dublin.
  3. England are out of the World Cup but being being a flight sim enthusiast, I can look forward to flying the Aerosoft Airbus 318/319 in the next 24 hours
  4. At least I'm off work on the 12th July.
  5. eaim

    Aerosoft at FSExpo?

    The video is on twitch. However for those of us who get on the AS forum a fair bit, there is nothing new to report.
  6. With LM announcing that p3d v4.3 is coming out this June on the https://pcflight.net/series/podcasts/ are the new AS busses using any of the new features that will be included in 4.3?
  7. Tom any Idea why Berlin Brandenburg was included in the 20% sale earlier on today, now it is full price?
  8. That's too vague Mathijs, could you be a bit more precise for people who can't work out what you mean
  9. With the debacle surrounding FSL today, how widespread is this practice in your opinion? As I trust Aerosoft 100% can you reassure us the AS A320 series will not use the same anti-piracy techniques? mods delete this if you think the question is inappropriate but it is a genuine concern/question.
  10. Can AS or any of the Beta tester's confirm whether the recently released P3d V4.2 has boosted performance of the the new Busses?
  11. But not all are some must be beta testing P3D 4.2? While at the same time beta test the AS Busses, lucky people.
  12. I think the server's survived when the CRJ released, so I would hope they make sure of ample capacity when the A3XX is released.
  13. How about some video footage, and I'm going to be really greedy and ask for the video to show off Trueglass etc. please Mathijs