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  1. The CRJ looks pretty epic on MrFilberts stream, I hope I win one of his giveaways.
  2. Let's delay the release so we can reach 300 pages. On second thought maybe not.
  3. Most big releases get released around 1PM. So i'd expect it then IMO.
  4. How inconsiderate Aerosoft, I have my 5 yearly NDT exams at work tomorrow and have to revise all the theory today. I should be focusing on that not waiting for release of the MSFS CRJ. 😉
  5. The right decision Aerosoft. Well done, in the long term this decision will benefit both Aerosoft and Asobo/Microsoft's MSFS.
  6. That would be a nice problem to have as it would mean much needed $$$ for Aerosoft. Hopefully the devs would get a well deserved Christmas bonus as well.
  7. Take your time Mathijs, do the right thing for the project and only release when you feel that the CRJ will get positive reviews (but it doesn't have to 100% perfect... in fact nothing is in this world), if there's any major bugs, some people will pounce on the opportunity to criticise Aerosoft and MSFS, and it could have major repercussions for both, like most devs say only release the product when it's truly ready.
  8. As my local Airport, an important question is........ is the runway sloped like in real life?
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