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  1. I have a suggestion for a X-Plane 11 airport scenery, which is curiously missing from commercial and freeware offerings. That is LFPG Paris Charles de Gaulle .
  2. This topic hasn't been raised in some time. To be quite frank - I would buy a NavDataPro annual account if you supported SimBrief. I like LIDO charts better than Jeppesen. But I can't consider it without. Simbrief is the best flight planner in my opinion, Derek Mayer is one of the nicest most helpful guys I have come across in Flight simming I am sure it would be very easy. Dudley
  3. You didn't mention the video card, it looks like a MSI 1080. Being more of an X-plane user just now. I find that it doesn't push my processor very much, it is getting more GPU intensive ( I have a 1080TI, I have 4k monitor ). However that isn't maxed out either. I am waiting until further sim upgrades to arrive to know what to upgrade. I have a i7 4790 running at 4.6Ghz, which handles it all pretty well.
  4. I do like the sound of this. It was good before.
  5. They could build any of them, and they would sell. The A350 and A380 have another layer of complexity, the A340 is going the way of the dodo so not such a great seller perhaps. The newer ones would take an extended period to develop, if they can get good flight info on them. We are more likely to see 'Neo' addons for what we already have ( or will have ). If for arguments sake Aerosoft could get info on the A350 sufficient to model one, then my best estimate on completing it would be around 2020, they have to support development till then, far from cheap. They have to have some confidence in the sim platform and market, in what is the far future to accountants. Look what has happened to simming since Aerosoft started the A330 project, who would have predicted that? The best question to ask yourself is, which aircraft would I invest €50k in ( not an accurate figure ) and come away with a profit? I don't know what I would do.
  6. Buying a product like this is fraught. Look at at LM and Dovetail, LM got a lot of the Aces team, Dovetail didn't. Don't know if you watch Great British Bake-off, C4 bought it for £27m, all the people in it wandered away. They were left with a soggy bottom. The real value is in the people and the team, Aerosoft have a great team and have produced some real winners. They aren't afraid to show what they are doing, because nobody could copy it if they wanted to. Same applies to PMDG, superb product, almost impossible to copy. So a PMDG takeover is never going to happen. It would make more sense to headhunt the team, and create new products.
  7. Hopefully you will bug the production offices at Airbus, and get enough data to produce an A350.
  8. Now you say that, I don't think LM have had the license that long. There's no doubt they have been working on this a long while though. I just hope their servers are up to the job tomorrow.
  9. We aim to please. You have been pretty clear on the running order for this year, even numbering it for us. New sims are forefront, obviously, if you've nothing to sell to a quickly migrating market, people will be saying 'do you remember Aerosoft?' fondly. The identity of the 'mystery' airliner is a real attention getter, because we all have a plane we would like to have in the hanger. Can you say if it is a 'classic' or a current model? Thank goodness, we have left the doldrums that flight simming was in when MS left, LM have apparently been working on V4 for 8yrs, since they acquired the license, It's all very exciting, and there will be much more to pore over in months and years to come.
  10. I'm working too, need to get flying again.😎 Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  11. I would probably buy an A340 as an upgrade or extension for the A330. But splash for something entiely new, unlikely.
  12. He tends to say exactly what he means, I should keep watching for the probable word.
  13. We can't criticise your enthusiasm for A340s, I would hate to see you disappointed
  14. And when he says 'probable' I will think that an A340 is coming.
  15. And sometimes all the market research in the world won't help. Statistics lie. They are only a guide. for good management decisions, Aerosoft seem to get most of their's right, but I am sure they have their room 101.
  16. I think it is just easier to get info out of Boeing. It is one company, Airbus is a many headed hydra, and getting decisions out of them could be more difficult.
  17. Apologies, it was a conjecture on my part to clarify.
  18. Granted it's probably easiest develpment wise, but it's probably difficult to justify from a marketing point of view.
  19. That would be a liberty. But we always like a new livery. You could have changed the title to 'You talk about aircraft, and we'll sit back and watch what happens'. :-0
  20. I don't think an A340 is likely, Aerosoft will be releasing an excellent A330 and this will fill a particular space in simmer's hangers. I don't doubt that an A340 is a lot more feasible than an A350, With huge ETOPS ratings available for twinjets now, the day of the 4 engine jet is severely numbered. There is virtually nowhere on earth that can't be reached with a two engine configuration. To cut a long story short, an A340 is not a viable product in Aerosoft's eyes, I think it would take some time to recoup costs and make any profit. I am sure that Aerosoft would love to produce an A350 or A380, but it isn't practical with their current information to produce a quality simulation. If you have any clout at Airbus, get them to send some info to Mathijs. I think something entirely new, like the C919 is possible ( massive untapped market in China ) , But with more 64bit sims than you can shake a stick at appearing like a rash, I should think everybody's development plans are on the back-burner for now.
  21. If Aerosoft can't do a A350 or A380. A Boeing looks unlikely as that market is well covered. We will have to get imaginative. How about a C919?
  22. Have you sent them cake? Seriously, I expect you are needing performance figures. Can't you derive these from real world statistics.
  23. I have, they no longer seem interested. I thought Aerosoft might want to produce something better.
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