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  1. Ok, than I know this also. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it don't. Very weird but ok. Thank you anyway for you're help. Rolf, thank you as well. Dear regards, Red
  2. Thank you very much. That did the trick. Dear regards, Red
  3. Hello all, I've experienced some issues with the Aerosoft A319-321. The MCDU3 is not giving the full light on the bottom (all lot is grey, the colour is not the same even the boarding/cargo and fuel (all green but some are darker than others), you can click, but it is weird and not feeling good. In the beginning everything was ok, but right now it's not as it was. Also when I resume my flight, or at cold and dark, I get St. Elmos Fire as well, with no single cloud (the metar shows CAVOK). I've reinstalled completely but it's still the same. What should I do? Please check the screenshots. Thank you in advance. Dear, Red
  4. Hi Rolf, First of all, I'm sorry for the inconvenience about the screenshots. The problem is, at some flights, the AS A320 family does it's thing. Everything works. But at other flights, very weird, is the cargo at zero, after saving and resuming the same flight (as you can see on the first picture, in my first post). So I'm confused to, why it is happening? At this particular flight, I have no issues. Only for a couple of minutes the St. Elmos Fire. I checked the forum, but I can not find any what it caused the St. Elmos Fire? I make all screenshots ONLY by GSX-BOARDING. I don't know why the fuel used comes back to zero, if you resume you're flight as well as the ETE time. Same issue. It will reset back to 0 hours 0 minutes (I flew 0 hour 50 minutes.) The fuel used was before saving the flight 2400 kg or something like that. Please check the screenshot below, by what I mean by ETE time and fuel page. First screenshot: Before saving Second screenshot: After resuming Thank you for you're time sir. I really appreciate. Dear regards, Red
  5. Hi Rolf, What I did: via MCDU3, I put the aircraft in Cold and Dark mode. Than I connected the SODE jet bridge via GSX. I've put the figures (pax, cargo, fuel in the MCDU Load and Fuel menu). Started the fueling first. After that I started the boarding. Than I did the flight. Until cruise, than I saved this flight. I opened the flight and strange what it is, I got St. Elmos Fire, without any cloud in the vicinity (Active Sky shows CAVOK.) That's weird. The St. Elmos Fire took 2 minutes, before it went away. The cargo, pax remains the same. On the ECAM the fuel page, the fuel used is resetted back as well as the time. It revert back to 0. Please check the screenshots. How come I get suddenly the St. Elmos Fire and why, it is sometime ok and sometimes it is not? I don't understand. Dear regards, Red
  6. Hi Rolf, Ok, now I got the 5 files (after uninstall the bus). But still, the cargo seemed to be at 0, so the weight is less than what I had before I saved the flight. That's frustrating. Do you know if there are other reports with this issue? Maybe I do something wrong, or something wrong in my P3D settings? On the previous versions, I don't have this issue. All PMDG airplanes, no problems. So I'm trying to search for an solution... Please help me with that. I appreciate you're help by the way. At least some one is responding. Dear regards, Red
  7. Hello, I did again the flight. Without the Aerosoft Fuel planner. The issue remains, but now everything is back to turnaround state.. I've in my documents/prepar3d v4 files only 4 files: - AMSMUC.abx - amsmuc.asc - AMSMUC.fxml - AMSMUC.wx Do I miss some files or is this normal? Dear regards, Red
  8. Hi Rolf, I'm sorry for the late response. I had to work until night yesterday. Anyways, I use GSX What does LSK2R or LSK4R means? I will do now a flight without the fuel planner of Aerosoft (I used to use the Loadsheet buttom). After I completed a flight, I will report back. Can you explain what LSK2R or LSK4R is? Dear regards, Red
  9. Hello all, I got a issue after saving my flight and returning back to that flight again. I've loaded in the first place 5,430 kg cargo in the Aerosoft A321 (newest version: , suddenly I had to do something. I've saved the flight and I returned right now, to resume my flight but after I loaded the flight I saw a difference in the weight. It was before saving 71.130 kg. And now 65.700 KG. Than I saw that the cargo is put to zero. How did this happen? The time was also set back to 0 hours 0 minutes... I've a screenshot so you guys can understand what I am saying. How do I need to resolve this? Thanks in advance, Dear regards, Red
  10. I did not see a screen shot of a A321. Can you check with the A320, livery which is used was Vueling livery. Each time I used this livery I saw the green thing. Can you please check this out for me.
  11. Ok. Of course I know it is a system. See attached file. This is only on the A320 family. Never had this in PMDG aircrafts before. This is only during the night, no matter what scenery. Also on cruise levels it is like this. So yes, I think it is part of the aircraft. Can you check with the staff if this is normal or not, if not, what is the solution to delete this?
  12. Thanks for youre information. The only thing is, yes I've read the documentation. I haven't read anything about the green system flow diagram. So I think that the question is not weird. If you have a page number, I can check again.
  13. Ok Thanks you. Where can I read more about he system flow diagram? What is the function?
  14. What is normal? The dark overhead or the green thing?
  15. Best of all, I hope you are enjoying the Aerosoft A320 Professional, as I do. But I have an issue. Two issues I think, one is still not resolved and now I got another one. Please see attached screenshot. The overhead is very dark. Is this the same for you guys or is it only with me? I installed the A320 edition in E:Aerosoft shift so it doesn't have anything to do with the max karakters thing. The other issue is a green thing on the windshield. Sim: Prepar3D V4.3 PTA: adam_pta262_01 Please see settings on the attached screenshots. I hope there will be a solution because I already tried to reinstall this, but it doesn't resolve the issue. Dear regards, Redouan
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