We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. 3.6.1: Added the ability to display the image of the aircraft selected in the drop-down list, with right click on line. Added the possibility to display the image of the aircraft selected in the table with right click on line once the generation has been completed, to have access to the liveries of this aircraft. The search is carried out by the Registration code Addition of a "continent" option allowing you to make flights only in the chosen continent Added window recording, switches are recorded when closing and restored when opening Improved search for logos, no more local logos, logos are automatic search via google. Double click on the company logo will allow you to change the logo among a list, yours among the files on your hard drive, and also among a word search via google. Fixed bug in the display of maps JEPP....N https://discord.gg/EWRR6J9Gfh
  2. 3.6.0 Performance improvement (70% gain under certain conditions) Decrease in size occupied by RFD (decrease of more than 70%) Added resolution change (4k, 2k, 1080, 720) Addition of the duplicate option during multiple generation, which prevents duplicate thefts Code redesign Add callsign (when available) Add Terminals and Gates (when available)
  3. 3.5.2 Fix Bugs Layout of the application modify (separation of real and non-real flights) Addition of the new card module Non-real tab: filters available ICAO DEP, Batch, Continuous, Favorite airports, Weather (experimental need an openweathermap.org API code),non-real flights are generated from the POIs of the ouraiports.com site
  4. 3.5.1 Fix Bugs Addition of access to updated ChartFox.
  5. 3.5.0 is out Fix Bugs Added the ability to see the number of flights for a company (Menu - on / off switch) Add window zoom (Menu - Zoom mouse wheel) Addition of access to updated JEPPESEN charts.
  6. 3.4.6 Fix Bugs Addition when selecting a row in the table, a row summarizing the flight time below it Changing icons in time of flight and control with mouse wheel improve Added the possibility to sort by hour, by day or both, the table when the flights are not continuous.
  7. 3.4.4 In this new version New graphical interface (Some bugs may be present, thank you for reporting them to my email address)
  8. 3.4.2 is out Only on my website https://mikoulprostgrandprix.wixsite.com/rfdenglish
  9. 3.3.9 New popup window for the selection of the airport in "World Tour without database"
  10. 3.3.4: Fixed many bugs Code improvement Add to discover your country A day to discover your continent
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