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  1. In version 2.6.4 of Random Flight Database I added the export to PFPX.
  2. https://mega.nz/#!jM4WFSoZ!KC0rp4ij80Ni44YVJZteI-ZeRJFZPqPyIHtcAzD5zBw https://mega.nz/#!DNpWBCBR!uALgBZiqu5_S1469pmlmYCoFsuHMvMpCmhK2eIKv4oo
  3. Hello, https://mega.nz/#!WQoUCaBA!vnc0adqnx11tOqM0mbzDQHKHrJekpBgSJLUCcL4OQZA
  4. If you are looking for weekly flights for Scandinavian or other, I can refer you to my Random Flight Database app. https://mikoulprostgrandprix.wixsite.com/randomflightdatabase It will not allow you to have flights directly in PFPX but you can plan your flights on the company of your choice and many other possibilities. I also let you watch the tutorial
  5. Hello, https://mega.nz/#!jAwySIqR!yksDCwzxuEb1zjtokzQQ-KKxdz0TkL5xSIjl4wc9txI https://mega.nz/#!eY4kmaBC!eQrVvy0L2A_lzHNOqPKNjhB1PgYlr-qPBOX_OHEhwno
  6. Hello, Would it be possible to integrate this graphic in PFPX during a next update ? Thanks
  7. Version 1.0.5


    I share my LIDO Template with redispatch and EDTO. If you have remarks and want to add them to this database, you can contact me by MP.
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