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  1. All civil radio traffic is timed in GMT, so Zulu Time would be the most practical time to set your clock to. I was a naval radio operator for many years and GMT has long been the internationally agreed standard set by the International Code of Signals, which is also used by civil aviation in a slightly modified form.
  2. I had this problem some time ago. Two things you might try;- 1) Make sure your default flight in the sim is an aircraft with an avionics suite and that the avionics are set ON. 2) Set a keystroke for AVIONICS ON and try using that if the radio is dead.
  3. I think the forum has been hacked. I'm getting strange pop-up winds and words like "money" and "download" are hyperlinked to other websites. I've scanned my computer and it's clean. These pop-ups are only appearing on the Aerosoft forum

    1. petesmiffy


      Sorry, false alarm. The problem is mine. I ran McAfee and Windows Defender and Windows Malware Remover and they said I was clear, but  then I tried Malwarebytes and Hitman.

      They found reimage malware. Hopefully, I am all clear now.

  4. A cargo version would be great, thank you.
  5. Try first loading a default aircraft first (not a Cub, it's too simple). Set the brake and start the engine and switch everything on (or use Ctrl+E). Then load the DC8. Don't touch anything for 30 seconds. Then use Shift+3 to go cold and dark.
  6. Overall I am very impressed with this aircraft. Mastering the INS was a little like pulling my own teeth, but once I got it I found the best INS simulation that I have ever seen. The aircraft handles well, both in the air and on the ground and is stable enough for a jump from captain's seat to the engineer's position without plummeting to my death. You will never please everyone, but this is the best reality to cost and reality to playability compromise I have come across. Well done! I still haven't found the Generator Overload Light.
  7. Loving this aeroplane, but I cannot get the autopilot to follow the INS. Load INS with the flight plan loader. Startup the aircraft, INS to NAV, take off, engage the autopilot and select AUX, aircraft begins a slow turn to port. AUTO/MAN switch on INS stuck in AUTO and only moves up and down. Suggestions please- I think I followed the manual, but I may have missed something.
  8. petesmiffy


    Yes - Click on the yellow air brake handle
  9. This has happened to me, but only on a small percentage of flights. Most of the time it works fine.
  10. I was cruising at FL220 and was about 20 miles from TOD. At that point, I had not made any adjustments to the controls or autopilot settings.
  11. To give more detail. Following the update, I made 8 trouble free flights. On my 9th flight, I got the DIFF PRESS alarm after approximately 2 hours at FL220. I have made 3 further flights and each time the alarm sounds on the initial climb at or about FL230.
  12. Since the update, I have made 8 flights with no problems but I now get a DIFF PRESS alarm on every flight.
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