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  1. Version 1.1.0


    English: OFP template for China Southern Airlines(CSN). Based on real OFP. Some of the information is not available or been modify due to PFPX's limitation (RTOW, average GS/TAS, wind data, and a few more). This template included extra latitude and longitude information for each waypoint (not in the real OFP). Put the file under “C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\FlightplanTemplates”, and you are good to go! Enjoy
  2. Hi guys, I think I may have found a bug with PFPX 2.03(I have sent a ticket, but maybe it's better with some screenshots). When I was trying to add a custom restrictive area in PFPX, everything looks good. Both the map on the software and the XML file in PFPX Data\RestrictiveAirspace shows that I have successfully created the area. But when I close the software and reopen it again, the area that I just created disappear. I tried a few time (with different settings / different location parameters), and every time I get the same result. Here's what I did: Then after reopening the software, it's gone: Thanks.