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  1. So, there are no autobrakes on the CRJ700/900. But I have the feeling, that after touchdown the plane doesnt really slows down that much with reverse and spoilers only. When do real pilots use the breakes? Probably not at 60 knots. Can the brakes be used immediately after touchdown or would that overheat the brakes? I hope my question is understandable
  2. Cant you just disable the stairs in the GSX aircraft configurator?
  3. Try using direct to [your next waypoint]. For example if i delete a waypoint in my FMC, the CRJ wont fly to the next waypoint after the deleted one, so I have to manually set a direct to the one after the deleted one. At least that worked for me... Oh, yea and also the NAV disengages sometimes, so if anything is suspicious, check if your NAV switch is on.
  4. Wenn man aber in der MCDU auf der Performance page sein flap setting für den takeoff eingestellt hat, dann bekommt man einen pitch trim, welchen man vor dem takeoff manuell einstellen muss.
  5. Hallo, die Airbus a318/19 und a320/21- reihe wird ja oft zusammen genutzt. Allerdings, wenn man Linksclick auf das Pitch trim wheel des A318/19 macht, geht der pitch DOWN (mit Rechtsklick UP). Wenn man allerdings bei der A320/21 serie Linksklick auf das Pitch trim wheel macht, geht der pitch UP (mit Rechtsklick DOWN). Es ist zwar kein allzugroßes problem, kann aber sehr nervig sein, wenn man die Airbusse oft benutzt. Deshalb wollte ich fragen, ob beide versionen, was das Pitch trim wheel angeht beim nächsten Airbus update gleich sein werden.
  6. Its not much i ask for. But could you make this? https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8634207
  7. I´ve never heared of that xD ...well, the Airline is just 4 months old
  8. I use it but not for Flightsim stuff. I only use Steam for Games.
  9. I bet, that the picture will be gone in a couple of hours xD
  10. Wow, thanks The other screenshots are awsome as well I'm so happy right now! Thanks!
  11. Also ich finde ja, dass P3D mit guten tweaks komplett ausreicht Außerdem solltest du wirklich mal das Manual fliegen Probieren. Weil dann macht es erst so richtig Spaß.
  12. Nothing too special. Thrustmaster T.Flight HotasX joystick, Razer Blackwidow keyboard, Razer Naga mouse and my loved Nintendo switch. Oh, and of course my neighbour´s perfect view directly trough my window onto my screen Haha ...
  13. Wow. That looks absolutely stunning. Way better, than I expected. I love those details like the coffe stain to the left of the speed brake lever. Great work, Aerosoft. I´m so excited for the A330 already. I have just two more questions: Are the MCDUs in the A330 working independently or both synchronized? And we can expect a CompanyRouteEditor - feature. So can we still use the old version of the CompanyRouteEditor and the old saved flightplans or do we need another version of it for the A330? (Btw that´s T2G´s Munich, isn´t it?)
  14. Dann müsstest du Manuell den Namen der Datei: F:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\aerosoft\German Airports 3 - Hamburg\SCENERY\AESLite-EDDH-VOR.BGL (also die "AESLite-EDDH-VOR.BGL " -datei) in: AESLite-EDDH-VOR.off umbenennen. Sollte dann klappen
  15. Man kann die Lautstärke des Traffics doch in den Einstellungen umstellen, nicht?
  16. If you'd wanted to make this, you should lower it by an percentage, matching to the outside temperature. But ISA is a great idea.
  17. 74,5°C due to it beeing the perfect Coffee-serving temperature
  18. Wenn du den AS A320 meinst, dann musst du einmal auf die CLR-Taste drücken und dann auf die Route-Discontinunity.
  19. Btw the third MCDU will be used for the "Unrealistic" stuff. (As said in the original topic post.)
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