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  1. Oddly I just did 3 test flights with the A321-CFM, no issues noted during any of them, and it actually followed the descent profile quite nicely.
  2. Ok, so I installed the update, and replicated the previous flight I reported a problem with. KLAX-KPHX (Rwy's 06R-08) ROUTE: LAXX1 TRM BLH HYDDR1 FL330 Default A319 - American Airlines This time I had no problems using managed speed through takeoff, climb, and cruise. However, I did experience a problem during descent. commanded speed suddenly dropped to 181 KIAS when passing through FL280. It appears to be when it switched from MACH to KNOTS speed. The MCDU Descent speed showed .79/181. It didn't have much of a problem following the .79, but
  3. I always manually enter my flight plans by hand directly into the MCDU, and I experience the issue.
  4. This happened to me 2 days ago for the first time (and not again since, yet), in the A319CFM. It was on the ground before starting the engines, I tried to turn on the no smoking sign but it was doing the same thing; would very briefly go to on for 1/10 sec., and then right back to off. I could hear it making the clicking sound, it just wouldn't stay there. The odd thing was, I didn't have the checklist on at all. After clicking it many times it finally stayed on, but didn't see to be any rhyme or reason why.
  5. Thank you for your help! Yes as soon as the update is out I will download it, then try to re-create this flight and send over the same files. Thank you
  6. Yes, sorry. As soon as the commanded speed dropped to 198 on PFD, A/THR commanded idle thrust (apparently) in an attempt to slow to that speed. Once it did, the thrust seemed to stay at idle, hence the A/FLOOR and then a gradual descent as, I assume, the only way it could maintain that speed without stalling? As soon as it went into A/FLOOR moving the throttles would not do anything, no matter what I did. (It looks like this may be somewhat normal airbus behavior, but it should command full TOGA thrust?) I disconnected the autopilot, then tried to disconnect the au
  7. Ok, so test flight number two yesterday (KDEN-KSLC) and I had no issues. Just encountered the issue now on test flight number 3: KPHX-KLAX FL300 A319CFM ROUTE: KEENS2 MESSI ESTWD HLYWD1 Takeoff and climb were rather uneventful, and the first part of cruise as well. While cruising at FL300, just before the MCGWN waypoint, the commanded speed (magenta indications on PFD) suddenly dropped to 198 KIAS. The speeds next to the waypoints on the flight plan page continued to show appropriate cruise speed and altitude, but the A/THR had other plans. (If you
  8. As luck would have it, just did test flight #2 for myself, and was all ready to take the videos, but no issues! KBUF - KDTW A319CFM FL360 Route: DONEO CUUGR1 Engaged AP/AT around 2000' AGL in managed mode, flew the entire flight just fine. No speed issues noted, and descent profile was correctly calculated. Each speed/alt restriction along the STAR was met with no problem. I'll try a third test flight later today and report back.
  9. Ok, so first test flight for me after doing clean install of, and I, too, am still seeing the issue. Test flight was in the A319-CFM American Airlines livery that is included in the installation, going from KLAX-KPHX (Rwy 6R - Rwy #8) Route: LAXX1 TRM BLH HYDRR1 P3d 4.4, Win 10. Only Addon (other than OrbX scenery) was ActiveSky was running, in live weather mode. The flight started out ok, taking off from Rwy 6, flying runway heading. The STAR includes flying runway heading, then VECTORS to first waypoint, SLI. The SLI waypoint does
  10. I, too, am suddenly experiencing this issue as we speak for the first time. I've completed about 100 flights or so since purchasing Airbus Professional and have not had any issues until this flight. Operating System: Windows 10 Simulator version: P3D v4.4.16.27077 Airbus version: Add-ons in use: Active Sky, OrbX Scenery, FSDT GSX System specs: Intel Core i7 4790, 16GB RAM, GTX970, Samsung SSD HD Description of the issue: I am currently flying the A319 CFM; I noticed after taking off, raising the landing gear, and retracting flaps that the speed would not go ab
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