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  1. There is (or maybe now 'was' ) a new version being made.
  2. Will this be compatible with PlayHorizon's VFR photoscenery? and are there any preview shots? Thank you.
  3. Did you select what services you want from the menu?
  4. Tried that but still the same. It's only the AS twin otter.
  5. The AS twin otter 'jumps' when being pushed back by the small tug ( the one with the pole in front) Seems to happen at all airports. Anything I can do about that please?
  6. Just like to close this thread for me. A complete re install of FSX + sp1 and sp2, so starting from scratch, has brought back my AES to working order. . The problems arose after using the 'repair' option from the FSX CD. This caused a 'fatal error' and the sim would not run. I uninstalled sp2 and things worked again. Added sp2 but from then on, although the sim worked, AES and FSUIPC4 would not show in the menu. Thanks to Oliver for trying to remedy this. Next time, should I need to, I shall ignore the 'repair' and just re install again from the start. Time wasted but a lesson learnt.
  7. Thanks for your help. FSUIPC was only installed today as a test to see if that appeared in the menu bar (addons) but that failed to appear. I'll try disable and after that I think I will have to re install. (only just got it all going right too!!)
  8. A3485036FFC75276A3485036A3485036A3485036A3485036A34867F1B979
  9. Oliver, I've done a bit more research and have discovered that nothing extra is showing on the menu bar. Traffic tool box which I set up is not showing neither is FSUIPC4 as well as VistaMare (as they all do in my XP FSX setup on another PC) so I believe there is an error in the FSX set up. Would you agree? If that is the case then I shall have to reinstall FSX and hope it is not a poblem with Win7.
  10. Well, I can't let this one go unresolved. I've bought credits and want to use AES. Would it be worth a try to add VistaMare to the [trusted] section of FSX.cfg? If so what should be entered?
  11. I don't understand German Oliver, but I found where you meant and it is not blocked or listed in the trusted list. Is there a way I can move a .dll file to make this work? It has been working in the past.
  12. No reference to ViaMaCoreX in the .cfg file at all. I don't recall being asked about the file being 'trusted' on install which I thought was odd at the time
  13. Done that Oliver. Still not showing in menu and in the Vistamare folder are 3 folders: bin, L_AP, and Link. There is also the ViMaCoreX.dll. No log file.
  14. New PC (Win7 64bit) DL'd base version of AES and moved stuff from old PC. Everything worked. Now (today) the VistaMare is missing from the menu bar and ctrl+shift+w does not work so no AES. What I've checked: C\users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\MS\FSX and the DLL-XML-20091122132155.AES is there as is the 'launch addon' in the dll text file. FSX is on D\flightsimx. FSX folders have Aerosoft\AES and all the componants are there also. What I've tried: deleted AES ( no uninstall provided) removed all references to AES in folders as above. Removed 'launch addon' from the dll text file. Removed all registry entries to VistaMare (6, I think) Rebooted PC. DL'd AES base pack again clicked the EDDN airport to make it active (free one) without anything else. Go to EDDN and no AES and no Vistmare in the menu. All references during install were to the correct drive and folder. Where next do I look? please.
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