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  1. Hi, I have some issue with Denver Airport KDEN, i have the latest version of AES, which is now 2.21 but when i start the simulator and go to the gate nothing happens for AES it is like i am not yet at the gate. AES: 2.21 scenerey: KDEN - Imagine sim FS: FS2004 Please see the pic Hope you'll be able to help me, Regards
  2. hi Norman, I done the same, so i installed Fs2Crew, opened the PMDG 11 in FS9 and the both panel were in. Then i exit from FS9 and installed the ACARS device - added a hot spot and the the ACARS device in a separate window. So i had the ACARS in the PMDG but the secondary panel from Fs2crew just disappear I will have to remove the fs2crew, cause the ACARS is more useful to me. If you came a cross some other idea let me know. Thanks Norman
  3. Hi Norman, So the PMDG MD 11 doesn't have some kind of lmitiation regarding the gauge?
  4. Hi, Well, i have PMDG MD 11 with the Fs2Crew and i have also FSFK. Now, the fs2crew install two extra gauges the primary and secondary panel but remove the FSFK Acars device. So i reinstall the ACARS device but i am missing now the secondary panel from fs2crew. My question is, how to make them all work. I suppose i should check with PMDG MD 11 somewhere in the panel file. If someone could give some hint or solution, tnx guys!
  5. Hi Oliver and all the AES team... First i really have to aplaud on this such a great add on you really make flying so real altough they are few things that still miss but what we all want in a simulator is what we only can have if we are real pilots in a real plane and it's never enough he he.. So, i apologise if this was asked before but i am wondering if there is a posibility to put an extra cargo-luggage handling vehicle who will apear only for those aircraft which have cargo on the left side like ATR and other...and the same things here is with the catering. As the ATR has there one steps i exclude doors on aircraft parameters which automatically exclude the catering vehicle. Is there any way to make this work properlly? Tnx a lot for any reply that you may ad here and continue this great work... DanielFs9
  6. I tried but couldn't find any related topic about this i supose great software. I instaled it but i have problems and i can't use it. Don't know what to do. So if there is someone who has it let's speak then. TNx
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