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  1. StevenN

    Brussels International preview

    I will do that, since my question looks pretty hard to answer. Anyway, looking forward to it.
  2. StevenN

    Brussels International preview

    Not really an answer on my question. Since that statement is already 1.5 months ago, things can change... There is always a possibilty that Aerosoft decided to give the Brussels scenery out of hands. Since its called the project from hell. And now they know gayasim is continueing their development
  3. StevenN

    Brussels International preview

    Does that mean there is no Brussels scenery coming from Aerosoft? Or u just mean : didnt work out with Gayasim? And u have another Developer for Brussels.
  4. StevenN

    Brussels International preview

    Could be the case, but then my next question will be.. Will the aerosoft Developer start from scratch? Since Gayasim already finished some modelling. Guess that will take much more time (unfortunately). Since Mathijs said that the project 'isnt started yet'.
  5. StevenN

    Brussels International preview

    I have read on the Facebook page of gayasim that they are developping the scenery. (not officially announced yet). I thought they failed to finish this project one time already?
  6. At Brussels B767 Also attached