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  1. Hallo, ich habe die Scenerie AS-Madeiry-X-Evolution für FSX neu installiert. FSX mit SP2 auf W10 Die Bäume werden als schwarze Quadrate dargestellt. Habe ich etwas vergessen oder was ist da falsch. Vielen Dank für Hilfe und beste Grüße Helmut
  2. well I think that's a question we need to ask IVAO Best regards Helmut
  3. Hi Shaun, thanks for the reply. Which means there is no update. AFCAD does not do any good as this problem only occurs on IVAO, where there is no AI traffic. Thanks again and best regards Helmut
  4. Hi, at IVAO they are using a new parking layout of the EDDS airport, which does not match the scenery of EDDS as part of GAP. Is there an update available for Stuttgart? Thanks and best regards Helmut
  5. Hi Shaun, I was afraid of this message although I know it seems the standard way you solve Microsoft product :-( Thanks very much for your help.!! I will post, once I have fixed it. I need to do some travel, so I will only be able to fix it by end of October. Thanks again and take care Helmut
  6. Hi Shaun, I am afraid no. I have installed some aircrafts and the FSINN to connect to VATSIM. Is there any "easy" way out? I mean what can I do to fix it. Do you know were such problem is described? Thanks and best regards Helmut
  7. Hi all, today I installed GY VFR 1. I also installed the required SP1 for FSX. After the installation FSX does not start any more. If I double click the symbol, the startup window appears, then I get an error message from FSINN components and then the whole FSX system disappears. Any idea what might be the cause of this problem (The errormessage from FSINN was there before the install, but did not cause the system to not start) Best regards Helmut
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