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  1. I only use the Kitty Hawk too, and the deck is crowded by default:
  2. Come on folks, all your F-14s are gathering dust on the hangar deck, or what? Let's see some screenshots!
  3. Dusted off my F-14 today, paid a visit to La Jolla and Del Mar, then back to the ship with an OK 2nd wire trap.
  4. It`s amazing how much difference dx11 makes. Beautiful shadows, HDR, bloom...it all looks so much better, with better loading times and overall performance. I wish I could get everything to work, though...
  5. I really love the first one, great angle!
  6. Come on guys, bring those screenshots on!
  7. On every forums there is a thread where people post screenshots. I'm surprised there is none here. The F-14 is a real beauty, come post your best shots of the Tomcat!
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