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  1. Is this Alternative FDE and Engine files still worth trying out with the latest version of the Twotter?
  2. Thanks Hans. That is interesting. Aren’t Departure runways added when the flightplan has been loaded? What happens if ATC changes the departure runway?
  3. Greetings Hans, File attached. I've also notified Alex from LittleNavMap who is also looking into it. I also created a flightplan through the CRJ's FMC and passed it on to Alex. EGBBEKCH.flp
  4. Thanks guys. I will provide files and pictures tomorrow my time. I will advise that it works with the Airbus Series from Aerosoft. I also tried the supplied flightplans located in the flightplans folder of the CRJ and the issue is the same. Kind regards, Fred
  5. Hi all, I’ve just purchased this magnificent aircraft but have an issue with the saved flightplan that was created with The latest version of Little Navmap. Both the aircraft and Little Navmap have the latest Airac. When I load the flightplan into the FMC, it will show the Departure and Arrival airports but will not show the legs or waypoints in between. can anyone advise on this? Thank you in advance. Fred I have FSX.SE installed
  6. Hi Dave, Installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX The Airbus Bundle is the latest version 1.3.1.
  7. Hi Dave, I loaded the default liveries and the beacon lights did not work first time but when I reloaded the second time, they did. With the installed liveries, no go. the Beacon lights do not work even when restarting and reloading. I'm at a loss here.
  8. Thanks Herman. In what location on the forum can I find my post?
  9. I’ve read other posts and have noted that beacon lights may not work sometimes. I have that issue also and happened when I installed the JetStar liveries from Rordon Gamsey. Restarted the FSX but issue still there. I’ve the Airbus bundle for FSX. Any advise on this? Kind regards, Fred
  10. Love the livery but the beacon lights no longer function.
  11. What is the difference between this one and the later version?
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