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  1. DispatchRandy

    Red X's at PANC Gates

    I have red X's and no gates at PANC. I have uninstalled the scenery and reinstalled it with no luck. I have the latest version of SODE as well. Help ME! DispatchRandy
  2. DispatchRandy

    EGLL and PANC Updates Please

    Is there an update for Extreme EGLL for P3dv4? This was suppose to be released 1st part of August. Also, what about PANC, is there a plan to upgrade this for P3dv4, it would be nice as it is a major international cargo hub.. Regards Randy
  3. DispatchRandy

    PANC Update for V4

  4. DispatchRandy

    PANC Update for V4

    Are you planning a P3D V4 update for PANCX? Thanks
  5. Who do you contact to get on the Beta Team for the A330? I have asked in several places with no response.
  6. Mathis. How do I get on the Beta Team for the A333?

    1. DispatchRandy


      Just a followup Mathijs Kok