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  1. Not a biggy, but it would be good if we could have an open hangar with some spare Lightnings inside similar to the ACG Wattisham C.
  2. Still my favourite aircraft to fly by far! C.
  3. I know how my weekend will be spent....Thanks for uploading! C.
  4. Hi Dave, I've got a bit of time to try this out so I'll take you up on that tutorial if the offer still stands? C.
  5. If anyone wants to keep themselves occupied with their own Lightning project I see that the AALO have put up for sale the T.55 that they've been using as a source of parts for XS422 - anyone want to go in for halves with me??….. (posted on June 22nd)
  6. Been a bit quiet on here of late.... Any luck with the F2.A weapons manual @wingman5?
  7. I remember back in the day when the F3 got released and you said there would be no tubs.... then we got the F6...… then the tubs..... THEN the F.53.... anyone would think you get bored easily C.
  8. Hello all, long time no see..... Just about to take the T5 out for a spin actually ;) Thanks for starting the topic @DaleRFU I'm glad some of my paints show up well in V4.4 I was thinking about updating some of the shinies but they seem to show up alright! Looking at your first post I see you're using my original repaint of XR728 as she appears at Bruntingthorpe. You might have seen that I obviously had a brain fart that day because I mistakenly gave her reg as XS728 rather than XR728 🙄 I reuploaded an update here if you want an accurate paint 😆 C.
  9. I admit it.... a missile did leave my aircraft...... Luckily for Mr Soviet the Red Top didn't fancy following the Bear and became captivated with an empty piece of airspace some miles ahead. If anyone fancies a free AA missile, it was last seen crashing towards Spithead...
  10. Brilliant all working now! Took the T5 up for an AAR sortie then bumped into a visitor on the way back home... Thanks for your help and patience! C.
  11. That entry in my tanker.xml currently looks like: <Element> <Select> <Value> (L:tanker,bool) 0 == (L:tankerzone,bool) 1 == and (L:FR_switch,bool) 1 == and if{ 1 (>L:RFOnXML, number) (L:RFOnXML, number) 1 == if{ 500 (>L:RFRateXML, number) } } els{ 0 (>L:RFOnXML, number) } </Value> </Select> </Element> So I just delete the first line that says "(L:tanker,bool) 0 ==" to make it match yours then save it. Should I be able to run TP and call up the tanker and still refuel in the T5 if I make this edit? C.
  12. Just turned off TP and I've been able to successfully refuel to 100% at the same rate as I do in the F3 and F6. You were right, there seems to be some sort of conflict with Steam, TP and the DLL. I can't call up the tanker or a target but at least I can make long haul trips again! It's only when you cant refuel do you realise what short legs the Lightning had.... You've got the patience of a saint, thanks for helping me out with it C.
  13. Yep TP running with a Victor called to pass on the fuel but still no fuel flow.... forgive the poor formation flying, the Victor seems to always want to descend, tired with the KC-135 but still no ball C.
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