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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for the pointers, funnily enough the gremlins had been at my settings when I let the cfg rebuild itself.... all fixed, even the Tornado and the Canberra thanks! Luckily this means I don't have to water down the whiskey OR buy some new specs! C.
  2. Hi everyone, Long time no speak - I hope your 2022 is a lot better than 2019 and 2020 so far! This isn't really a Lightning problem per say, just a general FSX Steam one but I've noticed it's effects on the Lightning. I've been away from FSX for a while because of time (or lack of) and since being back I've noticed that some the gauges are appearing fuzzy. It's mainly an issue with the JF Canberra and Tornado, on the tonka the HUD is so big it doesn't fit on the glass anymore and I can't see half of it and the same with the TV tabs in the back seat (JF support aren't sure what the issue is either). The Lightning has got away relatively unscathed, the only thing is the mach strip.... I'm assuming it's part of the same problem because it wasn't like it before. It's not a massive issue I just wondered if I could pick anyone's brains to see if they've encountered something like it and how I could fix it Is there a common file these things take their settings from maybe? Thanks, C. Here's some I prepared earlier.. Before: and after...
  3. It's looking good!! Work's kept me away from FSX for a few weeks but I saw recently that Ian Black has bought a T5 and brought it back to Binbrook for restoration so I thought I'd dust off those Avons.... still my favourite plane and my favourite addon plus Manschy is developing his Bruggen for FSX so the F2.A will have somewhere to visit in RAFG.. Hope you're keeping well C.
  4. Hope everyone's doing well, hang on in there hopefully the end's in sight..... Just wondering how the F2.A project is coming along? C.
  5. If anyone wants to keep themselves occupied with their own Lightning project I see that the AALO have put up for sale the T.55 that they've been using as a source of parts for XS422 - anyone want to go in for halves with me??….. https://en-gb.facebook.com/Lightning422/ (posted on June 22nd)
  6. Been a bit quiet on here of late.... Any luck with the F2.A weapons manual @wingman5?
  7. I remember back in the day when the F3 got released and you said there would be no tubs.... then we got the F6...… then the tubs..... THEN the F.53.... anyone would think you get bored easily C.
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