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  1. It's looking good!! Work's kept me away from FSX for a few weeks but I saw recently that Ian Black has bought a T5 and brought it back to Binbrook for restoration so I thought I'd dust off those Avons.... still my favourite plane and my favourite addon plus Manschy is developing his Bruggen for FSX so the F2.A will have somewhere to visit in RAFG.. Hope you're keeping well C.
  2. Hope everyone's doing well, hang on in there hopefully the end's in sight..... Just wondering how the F2.A project is coming along? C.
  3. Not a biggy, but it would be good if we could have an open hangar with some spare Lightnings inside similar to the ACG Wattisham C.
  4. Still my favourite aircraft to fly by far! C.
  5. I know how my weekend will be spent....Thanks for uploading! C.
  6. Hi Dave, I've got a bit of time to try this out so I'll take you up on that tutorial if the offer still stands? C.
  7. If anyone wants to keep themselves occupied with their own Lightning project I see that the AALO have put up for sale the T.55 that they've been using as a source of parts for XS422 - anyone want to go in for halves with me??….. https://en-gb.facebook.com/Lightning422/ (posted on June 22nd)
  8. Been a bit quiet on here of late.... Any luck with the F2.A weapons manual @wingman5?
  9. I remember back in the day when the F3 got released and you said there would be no tubs.... then we got the F6...… then the tubs..... THEN the F.53.... anyone would think you get bored easily C.
  10. Hello all, long time no see..... Just about to take the T5 out for a spin actually ;) Thanks for starting the topic @DaleRFU I'm glad some of my paints show up well in V4.4 I was thinking about updating some of the shinies but they seem to show up alright! Looking at your first post I see you're using my original repaint of XR728 as she appears at Bruntingthorpe. You might have seen that I obviously had a brain fart that day because I mistakenly gave her reg as XS728 rather than XR728 🙄 I reuploaded an update here if you want an accurate paint 😆 https://simviation.com/1/search?submit=1&keywords=Aerosoft+Lightning+XR728+V2.0+Textures+UPDATE&x=19&y=10 C.
  11. Fear not we're still here.. probably just busy flying the Lightning Thanks for the pointers on where to upload, I'm updating a few of them atm but after I'll be sure to upload them to the site!.... I've just edited my paint of XR753 ( really ZF578) at Tangmere so it fits on the F.53, now we'll have some RAF colours on a ground attack Lightning... What could have been! C.
  12. It's been very quiet on here of late!.... I've been trying to package up all the repaints I've done and put them in the Aerosoft download section but I noticed there's no place to upload them as the Lightning doesn't have a repaint section, is there any other way I can upload them, I'd put them all on a thread but that would be one hell of a file and I'd quite like to leave them up.. C. PS. Sorry to bump an old thread
  13. Hi everyone, Just thought I'd let you know that I've posted the download link to my LPG repaints in a new thread.. They're not quite on the same level as Dave's repaints but hey we all start somewhere Hope you like them, Cameron.
  14. Thanks for the hint, the black line has now gone, and thanks for the hint about ModelConvertor definitely makes previewing my repaints a hell of a lot quicker than loading up FSX everytime! And I've managed to trace that issue back to a spelling error in my spec file name so it was showing 904 for some reason, anywway all done now so now just want to get the right look for the spec on the grey paint..
  15. Just throwing out a general question to anyone who's repainted in FSX before, wondering if anyone has ever had the experience of their repaints showing another texture underneath? Here's a repaint I'm working on using the standard diffuse texture provided with the F6 paintkit. I should add that the screenshot is just a standard repaint with no specs or alphas added to it yet. The issue of things being added to my repaint is seen below. The arrow marked A is pointing to a random black line that I assume made up the original black walk line on the wing, a bit annoying since it's interrupting the white walk line I added. The black line is symmetrical so its messing up both my port and starboard wing What I can't understand is that any trace of the original black lines found in the paintkit have been deleted so I don't see how they're there still.. Seeing as I made the white line myself I removed them to see if the black line went away but for some reason the black lines remained.. The arrow marked B is pointing to the fact that the white walk line seems to have added to itself so it touches the wing. I don't get this either seeing as to my eye, everything seems to be lined up perfectly? Has anyone else experienced this and how did they deal with this? Thanks, Cameron.
  16. No problem, I've finished the base repaint for XR728, I just need to make the spec, alphas etc and find a look that I like. Because I had some free time I've also edited the default 111 Squadron F3 to make it look like the LPG's newest Lightning, XR718. I should add that this is not a complete repaint from scratch, literally just a fifteen minute job. I Would have used the F3 paint kit but for some reason the folder is empty when I download it. So like I say, it's not perfect but it'll do so that we can have all of the LPG's Lightnings in our hangar
  17. I'm going away for a few weeks on Monday but when I'm back I'll be doing some tweaking to the repaint so I can send you the download via a PM once I'm done if you like..
  18. thanks Dave. That was createdby making the alpha channel almost completely black if I remember. I've dulled it down quite a lot now haha. I'm experimenting with adding more dirt and soot to a fuselage using a repaint I'm working on of the LPG's resident XR728
  19. The Terminator Lightning (1st try) and a more accurate portrayal after some experimenting! Also correction on last post, instead of alpha channels I meant Spec.. I understand the Alpha stays blank???
  20. Well.. Playing around with what I can do and I seem to have created a Terminator Lightning! I decided to take it back to the drawing board after that and I've now come up with a better effort that's based on XP693, the BAe trial aircraft now at Thunder City. So now I'm off to try and repaint my XS458 with a shiny fuselage am I right in saying that I can do the tail repaint in the diffuse texture and then duplicate the layers into the alpha channel, I just have to make sure to convert it to greyscale before saving? Thanks, Cameron.
  21. Ahhhh that makes more sense! I think where I got caught up was because when I opened the default texture folders I couldn't for the life of me see an alpha channel or spec_alpha, only diffuse and spec could be found.. Thanks for the tip! I shall go and give it a try and see how we go
  22. All I seem to end up with is a slightly glossy grey rather than bare metal silver..
  23. Actually I was just looking at your repaint of XM142, do you reckon you could pass on a trade secret over what figures you used for the hue/saturation and brightness etc, to achieve such a nice finish? Also I see that not many textures use the spec_alpha.dds provided in the paintkit, when would I use this?
  24. Do you know I have no idea lack of sleep while selecting colour of text I imagine.. shall correct it now!
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