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  1. Ray you really like the Concorde don't you !. Just to throw I little " get you " into this , I worked on her a little when I was an apprentice at Heathrow , they bosses only let me change sound proofing in the cabin, but my mate who was clever got to work on the engines 👍, I still remember us sitting on high aircraft steps outside the hangar "C" I think it was called , eating our butties and watching her take off , and laughing as all the car alarms went off in the staff carpark , happy days 😊
  2. Phil747, I appreciate what you say and I really wished I had the time , but working away 2 weeks per month simply doesn't give me that, I've used pfpx for 7 years and love it , but this version should come with an easy / advanced option!, Just my opinion , cheers phil
  3. oh phlpeo its not a plan error or restriction , that's what I thought it was, I cannot trust v2 to just give a reliable route to put into the FSL bus, frustrating . first world problem though lol, thanks
  4. this is getting to deep for me !!, I want to fly not spend hours trying to correct a plan , I don't have the time 😏
  5. me too!!, what are the little crosses on the flight track that always start with GO ?
  6. sonny147

    Strange routing

    I agree pfpx v2.3 seems too complicated for the average joe who just wants to fly an average route, it should be simply split into easy and advanced modes to make life easier!. don't get me wrong its a great powerful tool just v1 was a lot more user friendly , rgds phil
  7. sonny147

    fltplan errors

    morning david, I have just re downloaded latest nav data from navigraph and re applied the update RAD and Directs, I unchecked everything in advanced planner and to be honest I was expecting a weird route but low and behold I good route ( but still with x5 messages see att), it also loads into FSL 319 too BOOOM. after my 2 hour delay the pax are not happy but I am , thanks for your help and have a nice sunday, phil ps I think I will leave everything at default from now on!
  8. sonny147

    fltplan errors

    hi david, from pfpx this morning N0408F250 UNGA1D UNGAP L608 DTY UL10 BPK/N0400F230 L10 LAM/N0424F310 UL10 RINTI/N0444F350 UL10 LESDO UL15 NEBAX UT407 BLM BLM2G this came up with 18 messages IFPS errors route transit errors etc I loaded it into the FSL A319 and all I got was the dep airport with SID ( eggb) and the final waypoint before arr airport (LSZH) I have disabled route restrictions in the files by renaming it and check the boxes in advanced planner, but iam still getting all these errors very frustrating as I do not know if the route loaded into the bus will work or not. its beginning to annoy me lol rgds phil
  9. sonny147

    fltplan errors

    by the way I have "ignore route restrictions" ticked in advanced" ? I will disable in docs, thanks phil
  10. sonny147

    fltplan errors

    thanks very much for that , we voted Brexit !, so no euro controls from now on !! lol 😉
  11. hi all, don't get me wrong pfpx is one of my primary flight tools , but since the update iam getting frustrated with all the errors when planning a flight. restrictions , too low altitude , crazy routes , its a bit annoying . ive tried work arounds but still finding it a bit of a lottery to wether pfpx will provide me with a decent route to fly. can any one tell me where I am going wrong and can I turn off all the warnings 🙄, thank phil
  12. sonny147

    Any word on PFPX update?

    Sometimes things happen in real life that are even more important than flightsim ! Not many things though 😊
  13. sonny147


    wow, Tom that was quick , why you up so early ? lol thanks I will give it go on my return leg , cheers phil
  14. sonny147


    hi can anyone tell me what this means, and how do I disable it?, I don't like the plans I get with this activated, thanks phil
  15. sonny147

    v4.1 CTD after install of oslo v2

    thanks fellas, sorry for late reply, iam just re installing the whole darn thing again including w10 lol. when i tried to update to 4.2 i had some weird in sim tool bar problem (the tabs would not stay open), dont you just love simming we go through a lot of heartache , time and effort to just do what we do!!!