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  1. It won't come anytime soon but it's worth waiting. It a cry now smile later type-o-shit lol ;P
  2. Hello Aerosoft, I have modified the coloring of the flood lights into a fictional white color. So far, for the A320 CFM and planning to do the same for the entire bundle based on the default source (textures) from version 1.31. An example is attached. As I am aware that all your textures are copyrighted material, I would like to request to you to upload the files once they are done as you will be controlling the their distribution online via the forum. Thanks for letting me know. Regards, Bill Greco.
  3. I think its Winglets instead of Sharklets...? Or it means the same thing?
  4. What is the approximate release date of the A330? :3

    1. spacegary


      2016. No further information has been given.

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