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  1. Holy, you can even see the corners of the screws. Thats indeed impressive!
  2. Hei Small questions: - Does the CRJ also 'wiggle' in clouds? I quite like how it looks in the video. - The AP is oscilating while climbing, is this due to turbulences or a smaller bug right now? Thanks!
  3. Thank you Aerosoft for taking into account, that with a earlier release I would have missed all my finals this term For real, I am quite happy with the day and looking forward to it. If I may ask, what was the initial release day someone guessed right?
  4. Tbh, its feels normal to me since my whole year has been messy with things changing every day. Good thing is, I am as relaxed as never before
  5. Uff I cant even see the leading edge of the wing it so blurry, please do a whole rework in 2 days
  6. Really nice pictures! Looking forward to this plane as much as the CRJ
  7. Yeah well the FAQ states that the CRJ is being delivered with a march navdata. The only AIRAC that would come to my mind here are 2104 (25. Feb - 19. March) or thereafter 2105
  8. One thing I am really glad to see is the split FMC. Finally someone who accomplished to make each FMC 'independent'
  9. So now that you got a free copy (gratulations ) I am wondering if your good catch was the reason or the fact that you named a date (22nd february) as the second guy Only the future will tell I guess!
  10. Wow do you ever stop working? I really hope that you at least have a good sleep... Thanks Mathijs!
  11. I really recommend you the Digital Design Liverpool, had this also in P3D and its superb!
  12. @Mathijs Kok I assume that a german translator is not needed?
  13. Only 3rd March is a no - 02.03 and 04.03 are still okey
  14. Thank you for the effort! And I really like the idea of the forum topics.
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