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  1. Sure: No-Addon - EDDW, EDDV, EDDH ( after un-/reinstalling it) Addon: EDDH, EDDB, EDDM, ENVA, LSZH Do you guys in the dev team cant reproduce this issue?
  2. Yes, but I did the same test flight on default airports.
  3. I tested version 1.0.5 this morning and things just got worse. While the AP does now descent on the GS, it will ram into the ground again and steer of the LOC.
  4. Before going out myself later this day, I found a perfect example video from a german streamer. At 1h40min the same problem occurs, maybe its related to his low speed in this situation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKLMaf0vFG8
  5. Yeah I saw that now. Unfortunately nothing changed. The bug is still present - in addition the AP does activate the GS but wont decent on it.
  6. Hey, last few flights I always got a disagree in the FD command and glideslope profile. The FD will always command a nose down pitch attitude, leaving the GS profile way above. This happens at short final at about 5nm to the ILS/DME. Tested with various airports and rechecked with different planes - the problem is related to the CRJ. Am I alone with this or is this just a bug due to some updates?
  7. I can confirm this fixes the bug. Also I can reproduces this bug when getting a CTD or ALT-F4 out the game - maybe this helps.
  8. Same problem here, Screens are dark, Switches are moving but nothing happens. I dont own Kinetic Assistant. Also reinstalling the CRJ does not solve the issue. Do I need to put the SimConnect.cfg somewhere, and if so - where?
  9. Hei Small questions: - Does the CRJ also 'wiggle' in clouds? I quite like how it looks in the video. - The AP is oscilating while climbing, is this due to turbulences or a smaller bug right now? Thanks!
  10. Thank you Aerosoft for taking into account, that with a earlier release I would have missed all my finals this term For real, I am quite happy with the day and looking forward to it. If I may ask, what was the initial release day someone guessed right?
  11. Tbh, its feels normal to me since my whole year has been messy with things changing every day. Good thing is, I am as relaxed as never before
  12. Uff I cant even see the leading edge of the wing it so blurry, please do a whole rework in 2 days
  13. Really nice pictures! Looking forward to this plane as much as the CRJ
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