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  1. I bought a dataset this morning and can't figure out how to get navdatapro to find my aircraft addons in the documents/P3Dv4 addons folder. I tried changing the path manually but that didn't work. Any help appreciated. thanks
  2. @Stefan Hoffmann To put things at rest I checked the FCOM and it mentions the colors of the pushbuttons. check FCOM 1.26.20 P5 for the agent button Haven't checked for other push buttons but if colors are mentioned for this one it must be for all others which should help you with the rest.
  3. Thank you for taking the time to investigate this @Stefan Hoffmann I've never been in a 320 cockpit so I might have been wrong . I don't have aero soft 320 installed at the moment since I switched to p3dv4 and haven't enough space to keep p3dv3 installed at the same time but I could have sworn I remembered the squib text to be white in your last version of the 320. That's why I found it strange. Even fslabs which model an old msn have theirs white. You picture must have come from a really old one. Definitely EIS1 for sure. Thanks again for taking users input into consideration.
  4. So Thats two sells for the 340. Aerosoft bank account is going to blow up
  5. t the 'squib' text on the engines and apu agent pushbuttons should be white.
  6. That's what made me decide not to buy FSW. In my view a simulator should be a base plateform that provides the engine and physics and stop there. Microsoft never took a dime from third party developers and thats what helped launch the addon scene, with non professional developers able to provide free addons. I remember back in the day when the project airbus came out. It was very limited but nontheless it helped me learn about the airbus philosophy and if it were not for that addon I might probably have stopped flightsimming for good. when I came back to the hobby 3 years ago i came across your a320 and bought that. then the fslabs one. now I'm waiting eagerly for the 330. The simple , free project airbus, developed by a few dedicated people with no budget or infrastructure opened the pandora box for me, now I bought a weather addon and multiple sceneries and all this came from a humble free addon that couldn't have existed if microsoft had taken the dovetail approach. I had high hopes for FSW before its release, it was even before any rumors that p3dv4 would be 64bits so I really wished FSW would be a big step from FSX even better than P3Dv3 but when I saw the first reviews and streams when FSW was released I was hugely disapointed. graphically it looked no better than fsx, no default airliner when fsx 10 years ago had a few. No way to tweak your weather? no way to start at the gate ? It feels like a phone app nothing more. I understand the need for simplicity for beginers, i was glad when I started to have basic aircrafts that you could flight without turning any knobs and fly patterns with them and aiming for that market is fine. But not providing a base plateform for more advanced users was a big mistake in my opinion because thats where the money is a beginner will buy the sim and thats it, an advanced user will spend several hundreds on his sim. There marketing team probably wanted to bring a 64bit sim to the market before LM thinking that would get them a few more sales but by doing so they brought a half assed product no worth giving any consideration. If they had put half the effort in their product as they did in marketing their sim it might have been better. All I see for now is a pathetic attempt at ripping off cutomers and hard working devs. I've bought P3Dv4, i'm investing in that sim because it actually does the job and support the developers who bring good professional addons to the market buy buying their products knowing that they'll get the money they deserve. As long as dovetail will keep their comercial strategy I'm never buy FSW or any addon made for it.
  7. Thanks Jo. Beautiful scenery btw, great job.
  8. I just installed trondheim in P3D v3 and can't see the passengers animation as shown in the promo video. I couldn't find in the manual any mention about that. with the plane docked at the gate, jetway connected and door opened nothing happens. All sode objects are working fine, lights and jetways. In the config tool everything is set to medium. thanks for the help.
  9. I was planning to spend tomorrow's evening looking at a progress bar but apparently there is a retirement party at work tomorrow so I'll enjoy some cake and beer instead. Back on topic, I really can't understand the "a340 is being retired so there is no point making it" . I understand some people find pleasure in being as realistic as possible, flying the exact plane with route with the exact livery at the exact time etc. For me its not the case, If I don't have the right livery it wont make me made and I'm happy to fly a domestic japanese flight with a lufthansa livery. I'm happy flying old iconic aircrafts like the 747 or the constelation and lets face it when it comes to iconic planes you can't do much better than the 380. I am really looking for a long haul airbus and can't wait for the 330 to be realsed but lets face it, if it was a 380 or a 350 being released tomorrow I'd be out of that retirement party so fast noone would new I was even there. I've been siming for 20 years, and waited about 15 years for a good a320. I hope a 350 or 380 won't be my retirement gift in another 20 years. I understand the data is just not there or the volume of 350 or 380 isn't big enough to get access to them to be able to model them correctly and maybe naively hope that the new found airbus involvement in the flightsim industry with their licence will bring some kind of technical cooperation that will bring these plane to the market more rapidely. Lets hope for a brighter future.
  10. Aerosoft, can we please have a little more customizable lighting system? separeted integral lighting , flood lights and dome lights ? please.
  11. Hi Alex, Could you please give a description to what each number in a line of your approach means after the gps coordinates? for exemple with this line: TF,QN603,-44.994778,168.827189,0, ,0.0,0.0,256.0,6.3,1,4100,0,0,0,0,3,1, I tried flying the rnav 23-G, it all went well until I passe IKABA then the approach broke completely, I'd like to try and fix it for the a320. Thanks
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