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  1. @Hans Hartmann I installed the new file and it worked! I can now enter everything in the FMC and the panel is loaded correctly (except for the throttles, they are still in IDLE instead of SHUT OFF). Thanks for the effort and time you spent solving this problem. Vince
  2. Hi, this problem has to do with the flightsim searching for scenery files and not finding them. You should check that your scenery library matches the scenery in your addon scenery folder. If you find that you have an airport in your library but not in the folder, remove it from the library and should be fixed. Vince
  3. Here you go Hans, they are in the zip file. dll and xml Vinceki.zip
  4. Ok, at least you guys are trying to solve it, thanks for that. In the event that there might be no solution (I really hope not), what will be the procedure then? Vince
  5. Hi, I have tried the CRJ again and nothing has changed. Does the support have any more suggestions of is this it from you guys? Vince
  6. Hi Hans, I have done some more testing with the CRJ. The FMC issue has returned and I am now unable to enter anything in the FMC. I will describe the exact steps I have taken after I loaded the CRJ. 1. I noticed the panel state (C&D) loaded incorrectly so I changed it via DAVE to Cold & Dark. This resulted in the message "Configuring aircraft. Please wait..." to show up, which would never disappear. (Could this indicate the panel state not loading in fully??) 2. I ignored the message for the time being, and placed the chocks and connected the GPU through DAVE. (Again no green AVAIL light...) 3. I powered up the aircraft, turned on the battery, DC service and GPU. 4. I did a quick overhead flow in which I checked the Fire system, turned on some lights, turned on the 3A pump, opened the isolation valve, set Man rate to min, turned the recirc on, "armed" the packs, tested my icing equipment, turned on the windshield heat, turned on the Fasten and smoking light and armed the emergency lights. (Not really sure if this is relevant but yeah) 5. I went down to the FMC and could successfully enter my Airport and Set Pos into POS INIT. 6. Switched to the FPLN page and tried to enter my Origin. This failed. I could type it in the scratchpad but when I clicked the LSK it would enter it and immediately remove it. Any entry from this point on would be deleted. If you need me to record the process/problem, I could do that. Let me know what you think of it. Vince
  7. All panel states do things wrong. I will test it some more over the coming days and see if any issues come back.
  8. I did a full reinstall of the CRJ and I don't have the FMC issue anymore. Still the panel state issue persists... Vince
  9. I'll try deleting everything Aerosoft related from my pc and reinstall. If it doesn't work then I think I'll just not fly the CRJ...
  10. Hans, I have made an exception in my Firewall/Anti-virus for everything Aerosoft related. This is not the problem. I am going to be honest for a moment now. I have purchased this product over a year ago and haven't have been able to fly it properly since. I was really hoping SP1 would improve it but it only made it worse. I have no knowledge whatsoever on developing such aircraft and I would really not know how to fix these problems so if there's anything that I can do to help you/development team in trying to fix this please let me know. Vince
  11. Hey guys, Again new great news!!!! I have found another problem/bug. When entering my Origin airport in the FMC, it instantly deletes it... So I basically can't enter anything in the FMC. Vince
  12. I just installed the CRJ again and updated to 1.2.2. I still have the same problems. Via DAVE, after a few times clicking on the button, the correct panel state is loaded. However the message: "Configuring aircraft Please wait" never goes away. As before, I set the default state to Cold & Dark but it is still loaded incorrectly. Which information can I provide to you that will help in solving this problem? Vince
  13. I tried loading the CRJ v1.2.0 again. No changes were found. Still the panel loads incorrectly. (Do you want me to make a reference list of all systems that are loading incorrectly @Hans Hartmann?) @AndyUK Thanks for the tips and elaboration on my post. The double click doesn't work for me unfortunately. In the mean time, I have found another problem; the ASUpdater. I can't find it anywhere on my PC. The files in my documents folder are there just the entire application is missing. I will try to reinstall the CRJ and see of things are installed correctly that time. If not, do you have any suggestions? Vince
  14. Hey all, I am experiencing some minor issues with the CRJ. These issues, however, existed already before updating to SP1. These issues are: 1. The panel state doesn't load correctly. I set the default panel state to Cold & Dark via the FMC. However when starting a flight, this panel state is loaded wrong. Examples of things being loaded wrong are: throttles are in idle instead of cutoff, one IRS is set to NAV while the other isn't (there are more, isn't really worth mentioning the whole lost at this stage I think. If needed I will of course make it). In addition, when I then try to load a different state via DAVE, the message: "Configuring aircraft. Please wait" is given but it never loads. 2. When loading the CRJ900, the Extrenal Power AVAIL light doesn't come on when the GPU is connected. However when the button is pressed it correctly lights up with IN USE. These issues might not sound like a big deal, but especially the first one is really devastating for the experience. I have had no issues with other aircraft loading panel states, just this one. I am using FSX:SE, btw. Lastly, I would like to thank the development team for the latest update. It really improved the CRJ. However, I am sad to hear about the cancellation of development on the 32bit version. I still hope my problems can be solved in any way shape or form, from the development side or the community side (maybe someone has had these problems and fixed them...??). I you require more info, please let me know. Vince
  15. Hi Hans, The waypoint is AKANU and I was using Navigraph Airac 1806 rev1. The database is not the big problem for me though, I find it more important that a "ghost-waypoint" in the FMC caused the CTD as the database is easily updatable. Though if you want to check that would be great. Vince
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