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  1. I'm not an Airbus or Boeing pilot, but the FBW implementation between Boeing and Airbus are quite different. There will always be some input lag as in the Airbus you're flying the computer, the computer then in turn flies the airplane. IMO, the Aerosoft Airbus (330/320) are well modeled, assuming you have all their latest updates.
  2. Question for the devs, some people have recommended deleting TrueGlass folder in the Aerosoft/SimObjects folder/RR Professional. Instead of deleting, can I rename it instead to deactivate TrueGlass? Also have encountered a weird CTD with no faulting module...but it happened as I was using Direct-To.
  3. In the ORBX Central app, there is an option to configure to replace all contrail effects to utilize preciptfx. Have you tried it?
  4. I'm literally waking up everyday checking the forums and awaiting for when the good news arrives. Until then no flying for me. Not without ActiveSky and Aerosoft buses.
  5. Hi Dave. I just noticed that whenever I try to add cargo in SimBrief, the final briefing file always reflects 0.0 in the cargo. Even though I'm always entering 6.6. Any ideas why that is?
  6. I hardly use the autoland and wouldn't try it anytime soon due to previous bad experience. It is as if the aircraft is not even trying to flare at all. And the response from the support team is--it's normal.
  7. I've noticed this issue in a couple of flights now. Changing the Trans LVL in the MCDU does not seem to change the display, and for some reasons it's adding 500'. See images. Start with CLR Trying to add FL130 After adding, it shows FL135.
  8. Observation: a few seconds after departure, from T/O the ECAM display messages switches to landing. See attached photos. As you can see it's a departure, but it displays landing messages, then a few seconds later, it reverts back to normal. Apologies if this was already brought up. This was after a complete uninstall/reinstall of the A320/A321 with the latest build.
  9. I agree with you, but here's the thing...you cannot feel anything while flying a computer based simulator. Unlike irl where you can anticipate changes before the FD commands it, because you feel certain things, like when an aircraft loses momentum, wind changes, thermal effects, etc. None of those are observable in the sim, everything is visual. Can't fly by the seat of your pants in the sim. And here is where I disagree with sim pilots about how an aircraft should be. People are confusing stable and unstable with the aircraft's normal flight control responses. I'm simply comparing how a good majority ruled that this product is unstable and demanded immediate changes, when most people's experiences are flying the A330 from seat 30A .The fact of the matter is, the A330 is a heavy aircraft. It will fly as such. People here want it to fly like a 152 with horizontal axis in their FD moving immediately as soon as they move the stick. But the reality may be that it would take a few seconds delay.
  10. You can always use V/S mode to deviate...then just return to your previous CRZ as normal...just make sure also your CRZ lvl is still the same in the PROG page.
  11. I'm sorry but I quite disagree with this. Being consistent with a philosophy does not equate to consistency in handling. None of my friends who've flown A330/340s agree that it flies much like an A320. The A350 and A320 handles similarly, according to them. But not the A330. Even two small LSAs like the Quicksilver and S-12 fly very differently from each other.
  12. Somehow...I agree with this..that's why I backed up the .DLL. Now the A330 feels and flies like a super stable narrow body . I meant to ask @Mathijs Kok about this. Was this update because there is something fundamentally wrong about the physics, or this was released to address the instability complaints? Because if it's yes, I'd happily stick with original DLL as it was published. I think a good number of those complaining about its handling are actually just getting themselves in PIOs and blaming it on the product. Pilots in real life spend a good amount of time training to fly the A330. And here people already dis on the product as unstable within 24 hours from its release. Not sure what to feel.
  13. I just noticed. When you select CONF+1 in the MCDU, and you accidentally put flaps 2, it won't be possible to return to CONF+1. You have to press F5 in the keyboard, which commands the flaps to retract fully, then set 1+F again.
  14. Sounds like you are not properly engaging the correct modes. Airbus golden rule. Know your FMA. It would be helpful to include in your problem description the current mode you were in when you noticed the issues.
  15. Will do on my next flight....but maybe a while....just got the A330.
  16. Hi Dave! This is great stuff, thank you. Sorry to hijack, but do you also have this for the A320/A321?
  17. I was on the same fence a few months back, saved me a few dollars.
  18. This is only the second time I've experienced this, only with the IAE version. Although I'm not sure if this is how it's supposed to behave. When initiating engine start, the upper ECAM display is showing XX on EPR, EGT, and N1..... it only shows activity once the engine is fully started, which I find to be a bit unusual. I'm using the latest beta version.
  19. Just a quick question. I noticed that by default, checklist and co-pilot is off by default and have to be started manually. Is this normal? Thanks.
  20. Even my smoothest touchdowns in a Quicksilver LSA, on a grass runway, always feels stiff.
  21. Just an update on this. Earlier on a different flight, I had to select new DEST due to diversion. Same problem, none of the managed mode works. 1. Entered new DEST 2. Programmed IAP 3. Changed final CRZ ALT thru PROG page 4. Came time to descend, only OP DES or V/S works. No TOD marker either.
  22. Please try the new link I posted below with the video, it should skip right STAR and rwy change flow. The ROBUC3 arrival transitions I'm referring to are not in the VIAS page. https://youtu.be/wMFjxucIlxM?t=1572
  23. Noted on the change of CRZ ALT. But selecting a new arrival just doesn't work. If you watch the video, I tried that method first. It was insufficient. Since I wasn't changing the STAR, I was only changing the arrival procedure (runway // from ILS 27 to ILS 22L). As you know there are different runway transitions for the KBOS' ROBUC3. Simply changing from ILS 27 to ILS 22L, the ROBUC3 waypoints doesn't change, and I still end up at the last waypoint for ILS 27 which is HOKDU. Instead of going from KLEBB..ETHYN..PTRIK..TAALE.
  24. To recreate. KJFK - KBOS. Route: JFK5 MERIT ROBUC3. I initially programmed MERIT.ROBUC3 ILS 27. INIT page FL320, ATC thence assigned FL230 as final while climbing, I didn't change this in the INIT anymore. Then upon reaching ZBW, I was assigned MERIT.ROBUC3 ILS 22L. As you know there are different transitions and simply changing the landing runway in the MCDU won't work. So while tracking dct to MERIT, I engaged HDG mode, enter LAT REV from MERIT, enter new DEST (to clear all waypoints) - selected KBOS again, and then proceeded to program the MERIT.ROBUC3 ILS 22L, then selected dir-to MERIT again. ATC cleared me direct to PROVI and to descend via the STAR. But no matter what I do, DES won't engage. Only OP DES. So I ended up using V/S. To better illustrate, please see the video below. (Sorry for the long post)
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