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  1. Hi Peter, The message was actually referring to an inactive run item (2nd line - rextexturedirect.exe in this case). I was confused by the fact that an error dialog was being shown but no lines were appearing in red as indicated in the error message). On another matter, the "Enable Advanced Mouse Controls" option appears twice under the SimConfig Controls tab. I believe the option under Touch needs to be relabelled. Best regards, Dennis
  2. Hi Peter, Unfortunately, the bug below that was fixed in v2.0.3 appears to have re-surfaced in v2.0.5: "RunConfigSet MGR - Coloring of missing files not red" Best regards, Dennis
  3. Hi Peter, In v2.0.2, the exe.xml file is currently appearing 3 times under File > Open. I believe the first occurrence should be dll.xml (ProgramData). Best regards, Dennis
  4. Many thanks Peter, entering the former serial number in the "Voucher" field worked a treat. Best regards, Dennis
  5. Hi Peter, Will SIMstarter NG P3D eventually be available from PC Aviator? I bought the original version from there so was hoping to buy at the upgrade price. Best regards, Dennis
  6. Hi, I have noticed when clicking on Tools > Clear Facilities/Scenery Indexes for P3Dv4, the program only removes the Facilities folder and leaves the SceneryIndexes_x64 folder in place. Only a small issue, but maybe it could be looked at for the next release. Many thanks, Dennis
  7. Is it possible to display more than one map at a time in FSMap, for example when flying from an area covered by one map to an adjacent area covered by another? For both the US and the UK, I have many charts covering the whole country (needed to cut them up to A4-size chunks to make them fit in my scanner), but the program only seems to display the next chart when I actually fly into that adjacent area. It would be great if it started to show the next chart when the edge of the current chart is starting to appear. Is this possible? Maybe it is a setting that I have missed somewhere? Many
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