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  1. Hello, approaching your new BER-Scenery (which is really good looking) I discovered a possible bug. I was flying on Vatsim, cleared for the ILS 25L. Unfortunately the CRJ700 was not receiving the localizer. Therefore I had to switch to a visual approach. Earlier that day I was approaching 25R already - catching the localizer without any problems. After the flight with the visual approach I got into the CJ4, trying to see, what I did wrong on the approach. But for some reasons I was unable to receive the localizer for 25L and 07R on this aircraft as well. Again 25R and 07L worked just fine
  2. I experienced this problem as well. Flying from EDDF to EDDB, I was enroute on FL250 preparing the Arrival on the FMC. On the EDDB Arrival Page I clicked "DEP/ARR IDX" and suddenly the instruments froze but the the plane continued to fly. Very Strange.
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