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  1. Very last minute. Just dropping this one. Like it because of the angle. This is AAL1511 on short final to Miami. Zoom on the camera was not quick enough
  2. So the hints (flag etc) state it is in norway, but according to you ENTO is about 4000km away from your location? So it is in europe, but not in this blue area (the blue area is the radius 4000 km from ENTO)
  3. Wow haha. Very quick, good job! This is indeed LGMT Mytilene. Awesome freeware, which I can totally recommend. One of the miami air 738 flies for TUI fly dutch this summer and makes charters to among others the greek islands. Your turn!
  4. Cool! I actually didn't know the airport, but using the airlines and some research, I found out where it is! This place looks good in the sim. This is the new one! This plane, only another reg, did actually go here.
  5. Lets see if this is quessable... This flight is flown in real life.
  6. The new livery looks great on the klm a330! Too bad they probably won't get them irl :(.
    This repaint is good as always as you can expect from professional painters as Holgi! Definitely get this paint if you feel like flying something a little more special then normal.
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