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  1. After rejunvenating my brain cells after a good night sleep I found out that the document I was looking for on the eurocontrol page was the PAN EUROPE excel sheet . Here I was able to look up the error code and find the solution for the error. Finally I managed to create a route that passed the IFPS validation using the route editor and using the solutions that the PAN EUROPE sheet provide.
  2. I can open the RAD website and I can find my current AIRAC. But have no idea what documenet to open to find the error codes. I guess I can find the error codes on the RAD button on the route editor page in PFPX? no? Still havent found out how you got the "This-traffic-shall-file Y150" from the EDDF ENGM. I have now out of curisosity triedif I can mnage to build a route from EDDF to LIRF (as anexample) and I goota say: I go to bed now. IA simply cannot build a rote that is 100% validated. Guess this is to advanced for me. Better try tomorrow. Thanks for helping
  3. Interesting. I would love to know how you find the results that are validated. How did you get the replies like: This-traffic-shall-file Y150 2. ARR EDVK and 5. NATSU Y150 TOLGI Is it a matter of openeing the route editor and going throgh the aiways one by one and look up which one is valid?
  4. Thanks i'm already having a deep look into this. I found a youtube video from a guy who gives a tutorial using a route finder from page called eurofpl.eu. But even the proposed routes that are validated there have errors in PFPX. Still studing hard to understand this
  5. Ok. Makes sense. I do bother with valid routes so how do I clear the EuroControl Validation errors? Thanks for helping
  6. Here is an OFP EDDF - ENGM. UPPER AIRSPACE AIRWAYS ONLY. After MARUN (last waypoint on SID) the route builder gives me Y153 lower airpace to WARBURG VOR. Which is fine cause it is the only option the route builder has. But from WARBURG VOR the route builder lets me stay on lower airpsce airways N850 to ELBE VOR even though upper airspace airways ONLY is choosen and the route builder actually has an upper airway to offer r which should have been UL 126 from WARBURG to ELBE and not airway N850. Please enligthen my 2nd confusion on this topic. Thanks HLX352 EDDF-ENGM (15-Dec-2018) #1.pdf
  7. And you're right I´m still climbing out on a lower airspace airway on that route. But since upper airways only are choosen the init altitude on the OFP should be final cruise level FL350 and not FL190. Sorry if I´m "getting to much"
  8. Thanks for helping out srcooke. I appreciate that. But fact is the route builder still choose a lower airspace airway T50 where I have demanded an upper airspace airway route only.
  9. WILLSAU3V is not directly linked to any airway after WIL VOR. But when opening the route edit page and selecting "toggle DCT routes". ROTOS is DCT linked to WIL VOR (end of WILLISAU 3V SID)
  10. I can.. Just a matter of changing the data in the FMC. And you can easily be right about the -400. I haven't looked into that.
  11. The 250/380/.78 profile comes from PFPX default for the B738. The climb profile in my aircraft is default in the ZIBO mod and comes from a European low budget airline company. I guess climb and and descent profiles are company specific and would be great if it was possible to modify in the PFPX aircraft editor
  12. Agree...But I still see it as a bug cause the T50 is still a lower airspace airway. PFPX should have generated a DCT to ROTOS or taking me out of a different SID that connects me with a higher airspace airway after the SID, in this chase the WIL3V departure would be more correct to chose from the route builder in relation to my upper airspace airways ONLY demand.
  13. Im using the aircraft type Boeing 737-800 engines CFM56-7B26. Under Configuration I can´t change the climb and descent profile. It´s not to modify 250/280/.78 My plane is set to climb 250 below 10.000 or accordingly to restrictions. Then above 10.000 it´s 276/.74. Descent: 250 below 10,000 or accordingly to restrictions. Above 10.000 it´s .76/278.
  14. I have planned a route from Zurich to Alicante, The route builder takes me out of the VEBI3W RW28 but takes me to the 1st airway T50 to ROTOS. T50 is a LOWER airway. I have chosen to build a route using Upper airways ONLY. Please see attached OFP HLX234 LSZH-LEAL (12-Dec-2018) #1.pdf
  15. When I plan a flight for the ie. 737-800 I noticed that the Climb and descent speed settings are 250/280/78 in PFPX. How do I change these? My climb setting in the AC is lower and therefore the time to reach way point never matches the OFP.
  16. Tom. Thats correct. The prepar3d options creates PLN files. Thank you
  17. As title says. Can´t remember what export option to choose in order to get flight plan as PLN file to use for Active sky XP, Please help me.
  18. Same problem on my side. 2.03 no connection to server
  19. It would be great to see a fresh tutorial on PFPX.. If I remember correctly froogle has one which covers most of it..
  20. You´re right. Previous version of PFPX didn´t take altitude limits on certain airways into account on the OFP from which I believe my confusion has arise. Thanks
  21. Thanks srcooke, I have had and used PFPX for 4 years and first now i discover the RAD restrictions and DCT files. They did indeed help to build a more logic route.
  22. Here is another OFP from LGKR to EDDF MINIMUM DISTANCE selected FL180. Take also a note on the route chart. It´s definitely not MINIMUM distance flying to Frankfurt from Corfu via Hungary.. 🙂 HLX123 LGKR-EDDF (09-Dec-2018) MINIMUM DISTANCE.pdf
  23. Oki Doki...Here is a OFP from EDDF to EKCH with Mininum distance selected. FL230.... HLX123 EDDF-EKCH (09-Dec-2018) MINIMUM DISTANCE.pdf
  24. Same problem for me as well. Tried to min time,min fuel, upper airways etc. Never gives a FL higher than 300. most of the time its FL240 with the B737 800 template
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