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  1. I'm flying the TwinOtter with great pleasure (P3Dv4.5), but I find the trim a bit complicated to operate. Maybe that's just because I haven't found the right way. I use FSUIPC with a button on my Saitek yoke for trim Elev. Trim Down and Elev. Trim Up. That works fine as long as the autopilot is not flying the plane. In the descend phase of the flight the AP NAV is still on to keep me on the approach course; ALT is OFF from the beginning of the descend and when I use the button on my yoke to trim, nothing happens. When I check the trimwheel on the side of the captain's seat I see it move and snap back. The only way to trim the bird down is by the trimwheel on the center pole of the yoke. Not very convenient although it does work. Am I doing something wrong or is this the only way to do it? Cheers, Dirk
  2. Thanks Mathijs. I understand. Coming from larger aircraft I expected too much complexity. ­čśë This is more like I flew in the real world in GA. Great design and realism. My compliments. Dirk
  3. After the install my first 'go' is the manuals and the forum. To my surprise I have only found the usage of NavData by Aerosoft's own NavDataPro and not for Navigraph. I could not find answers on the forum on this subject. A bit surpising, because other Aerosoft products like the Airbus, can handle both. I don't think it's a big job to tell Navigraph what the Data format of the TwinOtter is and ask them to release a download for this aircraft. Or can I use the Airbus format instead and copy/paste it? Dirk
  4. The manual states that I have to startup my P3Dv4 with a deafult aircraft with running engine and then load the CRJ. Is this something only once after installation of do I have to follow this procedure every time I use the CRJ? Also when the CRJ is in a saved Scenario with Panel serialization checked ON? Dirk
  5. Hi Shaun, Sure I will. Just let me know how/where to download. Dirk
  6. Hi Shaun, Sorry, I do not want to sound unfriendly, but I can show you the same kind of picture taken from my other sim (a scale 100% B737-800NG), the one I share with my son in law. For installation on that sim I used exactly the same boxed version of MAF (version 1.03, no update). That sim has no problems whatsoever and shows all the AI traffic at MAF/EDDF. The problem resides on my home PC. Being a retired software pro I know that MSFS can play dirty tricks. The only thing that puzzles me is where is it going wrong on my home PC? Fact 1: with the standard FSX installation plus myTraffic2010 installed I had AI traffic in EDDF. Fact 2: on all 9 other Aerosoft add-on sceneries AI traffic works perfect. Fact 3: After installing MAF in the past on this PC under Vista I had exactly the same problem. It made me kick MAF into a dark corner and never use it again. Fact 4: On this PC with newly installed W7 and newly installed FSX + SP's plus MyTraffic2010 I had AI traffic on EDDF. Fact 5: As soon as I installed MAF there was no AI traffic anymore at MAF/EDDF. Not even when I switch the scenery off in the library or completely uninstalle it. The renaming of the mytraffic bgl into bgx did not work; reinstalling MAF (what I did this morning) did not work also. What I do know is that MSFS is not one of the most stable and structured peaces of software. I guess that FSX is running the show when it comes to AI traffic. There must be a software engine that uses the data provided by add-on sceneries like MAF and MyTraffic. But I also am 100% sure, that somewhere in the installation process of MAF something was corrupted and as a result of that 'the AI engine' acts like it does on this PC. Now...., there must be some specialist at the Aerosoft development team that knows exactly (or can determine exactly) what could have gone wrong during installation and what to do to correct it. I sincerely hope that will happen. Otherwise, I'm afraid I have to kick the box in the dark corner again and forget about flying in or out of MAF/EDDF.
  7. Hi Shaun, Well, that didn't work. I renamed the bgl into bgx. So I was back to the default EDDF because MAF was uninstalled at an earlier stage. When I changed my current location into EDDF and hit the Fly Now button, I am still the only plane on the airport. Checking with AISmooth proved that there is AI traffic, but not on EDDF. It must be that the installation of MAF destroyed the performance of myTraffic2010, which was also the case some time ago when I was on an older PC and older version of MyTraffic, but the with same MAF scenery.
  8. Hi Shaun, I am not that level of an expert, but after some googling I understand that file extension .bgl is an afcad file (or could be). In my directory D:\FSX\MyTraffic\scenery there is a file called BR2_EDDF.BGL dated 20-9-2008 16:38, so my rough guess is that the MyTraffic afcad file is still there where it should be. Also, when I run AISMOOTH I see that there are aircrafts being monitored. When I change the traffic density, I can see that in AISMOOTH. THis proves that the AI traffic is there, but for some reason not on EDDF. Not parked, no departures, no arrivals. I searched for eddf*.bgl and also found: D:\FSX\aerosoft\AES\AIRPORT\AESA_EDDF_GA8.BGL D:\FSX\aerosoft\AES\AIRPORT\AESA_EDDF_GAP.BGL D:\FSX\aerosoft\AES\AIRPORT\EDDF_2005\eddf_fs9_gmax_objects_LIB-AES.bgl But I think they all have something to do with AES , which is a bit strange because EDDF has not yet been activated in AES.
  9. Hi Shaun, I have active now (in sequence) is: AES Aerosoft AFD MyTraffic2010 All add-on (mega) airports plus Ultimate terrain Europe has been deselected. Even MAF has not been re-installed yet, so I am on a clean FSX with aboven mentioned sceneries. When I startup being on EDDF I still am the only airplane on the airport. When I use World/Goto airport to f.i. D├╝sseldorf or K├Âln I've got my AI traffic back. When I move back to EDDF I'm alone. Dirk
  10. Hi Shaun, That's what I did already. The same goes for setting the display at Anisotropic and a checkmark in Antialiasing. I learned that on a previous occasion with the same outsome on an older PC> Dirk
  11. Hi, I am running FSX on a high end W7 PC. I have myTraffic2010 installed plus several (Mega) Airports (Amsterdam, Innsbr├╝ck, Arlanda, Rotterdam, Barajas, Brussels, Heathrow, Oslo, Paris CDG). Before installing Mega Airport Frankfurt, EDDF was crowded like it should be with lots of AI traffic. After installation MAF plus the updates, I am the only plane left on EDDF. As soon as I fly away from EDDF there is AI traffic, but when I return to EDDF I still am the only plane on the airport. I checked the display settings for Anisotropic filtering and antialiasing (checked) and shadows are off. Also, while installing Paris CDG, I've set water effect to low. When I move to any other (Mega- or other) airport, the AI traffic is there. No Problem. But moving back to EDDF makes me the one and only plane on the airport. All other MAF/EDDF scenery stuff works. So I uninstalled the Mega Airport Frankfurt and guess what... even on the standard FSX I am NOW the only plane. So apparently the MAF installation did something terribly wrong and uninstalling did not restore the original situation. By the way.... I had the same problem som time ago on the previous FSX PC and then the only solution was to reinstall everything (including FSX + SP's) at which occasion I did not install MAF afterwards. But I thought: 'Hey, new PC, clean installation, new MyTraffic, it might work now.' But it didn't. I sincerely hope someone can help me out on this, otherwise I am afraid I will never fly to or from EDDF again.
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