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  1. Have the latest version 1.31 A319 installed in P3D (3.4), on reaching the cruise altitude, the aircraft starts to climb and oscillate with master caution warning, will not respond to vertical speed actions. The PFD display shows Toga/Speed. ALT CRZ. NAV. It should of course display MACH.ALT CRZ. NAV.
  2. Inconclusive. Reinstalled the airport, removed the afcad bgl before starting FSX, but it still does not read the default airport, but my added airport editor ADEX,bgl aligns the taxying correctly?
  3. and removing the ADEX EDDM bgl (my AirportEditor bgl) still displays state?province.
  4. The default afcad does not display the state/province misinformation.
  5. Is there a way of deleting the state/province entry for Munich in FSX, as selecting "Germany" in country of choice invariably reverts to just the munich entry which is spurious,,,unless you want to go to sea!. I have tried to alter the state province entry with the "Airport Editor" software and create a new afcad but it will not correct the issue. win7.
  6. Thank you Tom, The culprit was a elevation adjustment in my Orbx VFR Germany world scenery files. have removed it to save error messages, will just have remember including GA2 when flying VFR in Germany. Thank goodness for Andrew Thornton's scenery editor... Michael
  7. I have a problem with the airfield elevation of this airport (see attached jpg). My rig is FSX sp2 windows 7, I use many ORBX addons including Vector which I use to correct any elevation issues that arise with new additional sceneries, but it will not respond to correction of this particular airport, although AEC advises me EDDK is disabled. Without German Airports 2 installed I have no elevation issues .
  8. Thats a pity. Thank you Mathijs. Michael
  9. I should have referred to GA static aircraft..... not ai aircraft
  10. Hello Just purchased the scenery for my elderly FSX simulator, can you advisel me if there is a way to delete the ai aircraft, there is no bgl signified for this purpose, I presume it is incorporated within another bgl. Many Thanks Michael
  11. Thank you skipping the item continues checklist. Michael
  12. Hi Using latest 1.31 version, 320/321 will try skipping item and see what happens. Thanks
  13. Using FSX, sp2. windows 7. The checklist ceases to operate in taxying state at brake test, response "pedal press " then silence, using Captain or Captain /1st Officer mode.
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