!! Windows 7 no longer supported !!

As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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  1. I proceeded as advised and everything seems to have worked out nicely. (Have not yet tried, but it looks good.) Uninstalled CRJ, re-downloaded the complete file (Jean-Pierre: You don't have to repurchase, just go to your own account with aerosoft), updated with - et voilà. To me this means that it is not advosable to use the hotfix inorder to update from 1.0.3 to 1.0.5. Instead uninstall and re-download the version. THanks for the assistance, great help!
  2. I did not uninstall 1.0.3 because the update I downloaded her contained only about 5 or 6 files which had to be placed in different folders according to the rather cursory instruction that came along with the update. Should I have downloded a completely new version of the program? If I reinstall the whole thing now, will the downloadable file be 1.0.5. ? Or which version is it now?
  3. No, definitely related to 1.0.5. Never had it before. Will try the tool tomorrow. Thanks
  4. Apologies if I have not found the correct answer to this problem which seems to be rather common. I am running P3D V4.2. No problems so far, CRJ 700 was doing fine, great aircraft. I have now updated to version And I am getting the dreaded black panel (see picture). Checked the installation and it looks all right to me. Simconnect is installed. Re-installed the C++ Redistributable. Loaded default aircraft first, engine running, then loaded the CRJ7 - still no instrument working. Any further advice is highly appreciated. Or should I just re-install the whole thing? (Assuming that if I would download now I would get the most up to date version). Megathanks in advance!
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