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  1. I do understand that the VMC mode is for visual approaches. I see the 3 degree indication and find it helpful for descent. Seems to me as if it is basically intended to hep with vertical not with lateral movement. My question: Is this the only mode I can use when approaching an airfield without VOR? I am talking about fields which offer nothing but an RNAV approach which I would like to fly visually using the HGS. Apologies if this is a stupid question. Thanks in advance
  2. No, Windows 10 with latest update. Probably Win11 soon...
  3. Yes, the problem is moving the throttle without response from the sim. Will follow Jonas' advice and report later. Thanks.
  4. Mein Problem: Mittlerweile arbeitet der TCA Quadrant eigentlich gut und ich bekomme immer mehr ein Gefühl für die CRJ. Allerdings habe ich es jetzt mehrfach erlebt, dass die Throttle während des Anflugs (wenn man sie besonders braucht) plötzlich blockiert ist. Jammed. Sitzt fest. Wie immer ich die Throttle bewege, es tut sich nichts. Wenn ich dann zu langsam werde, setzt die Automatik ein, die mir wieder Schub gibt: Dann bewegt sich auch die Throttle wieder, aber dann ist der Approach natürlich nichts mehr. Bin ich der einzige, der das erlebt? (Bin, was Updates angeht, auf dem aktuellen Stand).
  5. Thanks for all the reply. Will try all advice and will let you know how it worked (or not). Thanks.
  6. Thank you. In the EFB you see the default settings. My throttle was in Idle and it shows -14571 on the EFB. To your queston:Yes I followed this tutorial as well.
  7. I went through countless tutoprials, re-installed the CRJ, resetted it in the installation folder, calibrated the hardware and calibrated the throttle in the EFB. Still do not understand what to do in order to avoid that my throttle axis is -14571 when in idle position and Max power is at -16384. it must be something simple and obvious. What am I doing wrong. This is my EFB and this is my Control setting. Any helpfulö hint is highly appreciated .
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