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  1. Tsouks

    LSZH issue

    Heinz thank you very much! King regards. Chris.
  2. Tsouks

    LSZH issue

    Hello, I need some help sorting out this issue. I'm using Xplane 11 and your scenery LSZH V2 (excellent scenery btw, congratulations!). I'm also an ortho4xp user. I want to use ortho scenery for the surrounding area of the airport, so, based on info I got on some thread, I moved the the ini entry in the end (Aerosoft LSZH Airport Zurich V2.0 c), right above zzz_hd_global_scenery3. I can see the ortho scenery around, great, a few small issues have risen with some parts of the airport and some assets not touching the ground but ok, I'm ok with it. It's minimal. My great issue is that there are some huge waypoints visible which I cannot seem to be able to make go away (see screenshot). Any idea as to how to remove? There are 3 more in the east, not need to attach me thinks. Thank you in advance. Chris.
  3. This is great. I hope that this will come to X-plane sometime in the near (?) future alongside more Aerosoft greatness.
  4. Hello, This is a stunning quality VC you've got there guys, it's well worth the praises that it's getting. Well done. Now I'm even more eager to fly it. An addition of an EFB would be more than welcome for me. It would reduce the Alt+Tabbing a lot, so I'm in favor. I have one question : Would you consider adding a slight up & down (is bouncing the right word?) movement of the VC, at high speeds while storming down the runway during take off? Nothing too dramatic, but enough to erase the feeling of an unrealistic and perfectly evened runway. I hope I am making sense here. Sorry but English is not my native language. Kind regards, Chris.