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  1. Hi everyone, Happy new year. Any chance of a MAX 8 and/or MAX 10 (the freeware ones which came out for XP11)
  2. Heinz thank you very much! King regards. Chris.
  3. Hello, I need some help sorting out this issue. I'm using Xplane 11 and your scenery LSZH V2 (excellent scenery btw, congratulations!). I'm also an ortho4xp user. I want to use ortho scenery for the surrounding area of the airport, so, based on info I got on some thread, I moved the the ini entry in the end (Aerosoft LSZH Airport Zurich V2.0 c), right above zzz_hd_global_scenery3. I can see the ortho scenery around, great, a few small issues have risen with some parts of the airport and some assets not touching the ground but ok, I'm ok with it. It's minimal. My grea
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