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  1. I recognize that as one of many, I'm excited and I'm looking forward soon to fly this plane awaited for the moment we can only wait and thank the team Aerosoft, to be manufacturing it A330 add-on. And remember, is a gold time for simmers.
  2. A very nice job guys every time more excited, maybe some date of the launch for the add-on?? three or four months...? Aprroximately...
  3. Is possible one beta version for before to the final add-on? Thank you so much dear Mr. Mathijs.
  4. A very great job!! I´m so excited for this release and I am waiting too time for a good add-on in FSX, at the momment why this is the only A330 good as and feel real! Thanks for make it to all the team Aerosoft, good joob guys!
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