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  1. Roger! Thank you very much Thomas for your reply. edrosario
  2. Hi Thomas! First off, thanks for you this program. I'm starting to REALLY enjoy it. In the Flight Edit Summary the last 2 parameters are oil and hydraulic consumption. I'm not getting these readings. My question is: Where does FSFK get the calculation from? Or more understandable for me... What do I have to activate (.air or aircraft.cfg) in order to get these readings. It would be of a great help to have these 2 readings for the project I'm involved now. Thanks Thomas! edrosario
  3. BINGOOOOO!!!! Thanks a million Thomas!! Now it's time for me to play with sounds. Thanks, edrosario
  4. Thanks Thomas for your reply... Yes, dx8vb.dll is there. I can also see dx7vb.dll (if that helps) edrosario
  5. Thanks Alex, but that's not the problem... still the same.
  6. There is something happening that I would like to find a solution. I tried reading the manual but couldn't find anything related. When I open the OPTION window and go to Sound tab, FSFK doesn't allow me to set any parameter, instead, it shows this message: Sound Setup DirectX 8 or higher is currently not installed! I DO have DirectX 9.0c installed in my computer. Any advice/suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advanced. edrosario Note: I use Windows XP with all the latest updates. I'll be glad to provide any info needed.
  7. @Thomas Molitor Hi Thomas! I'd like to ask if it's possible to disable the "landing lights off under FL100" penalty. There are airplanes, like the Curtiss C-46, that often cruise under 10,000ft@~160 kts and has speed restriction of 130 kts landing lights extended. Thanks in advance, Enrique Del Rosario
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