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  1. It seems that is just what I needed! Is a lanscape mesh recommended?? If yes which one please?
  2. Hello! Just discovered there's a product called Ground Environment X - USA / Canada / Alaska (nur FSX), available here:,10613 Unfortunately is only in German so I want to ask If is compatible with my English version of the game, if can be bought in download version and specially what exactly this addon do? Also If this addon is compatible with the missions packs that happen over the area. Thank's!
  3. Thank's man! That's why i need, is for the Fokker F28
  4. Hello again! What an amazing program, good work with it! Only one thing, how I can know the new plane parameters? Height to the door, door position... And is possible to create a plane with the passenger door in the left side?
  5. A doubt I have, can I make my plane to start connected to the passenger tube??
  6. Thank's man! Purchasing credits now
  7. If you buy a airfield for 1.92 will still be available once 2.0 is ready?
  8. Hello! Want to ask a couple of things before buying AES credits for some of my airports. 1-It gives you a follow me car to the cargo areas of the airfields?? And the marshmaller, it works on the cargo areas? 2-It can give my small plane ( like a Cessna Caravan ) a place to park and maybe the passenger tube? what about the Pushback? 3-Is FSCargo compatible? And FSPassengers compatible?? Thank's!
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