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  1. Sorry for continuing this old thread, but I have a supplemental question to a similar issue: I plan to remove my FSX installation as I fly only P3D (actually V4.5 HF2). In both sims, the corresponding Airbus bundles were installed (Professional in P3D V4, "Non-Professional" in FSX). In both sims, the CRJ 700-900 was installed. All long time ago, all aircraft with the delivered RAAS Pro Locked : 32bit in FSX, x64 in P3D V4. Preparing the FSX removal in a long term way, I begun with the uninstall of the FSX Airbus bundle and the FSX CRJ some hours ago. After the removal of all FSX Airbus'es and the FSX CRJ has finished, to my surprise the untouched P3D V4 didn't start again: Windows event: Exception code: 0xc0000417 in ucrtbase.DLL. I felt this was somehow in consequence of the RAAS Pro removal in FSX (part of the uninstall). After re-applying one of the Airbus Professional bundles, my P3D V4 starts again. Now my question related to the RAAS Pro installation concerning the dependence of the included RAAS Pro (Locked): do the Airbus Professional packages (A318/A319 vs. A320/A321) contain and use both the same RAAS Pro, so the re-apply of one installer (say A318/A319) repairs RAAS Pro for the other (in this case A320/A321) ? "These two will not affect each other..." : did you mean the aircrafts or the RAAS packages ? In detail: is the RAAS Pro of the CRJ the same as the RAAS Pro of the airbus ? So if I update/re-install the locked version of RAAS Pro, it is used by both aircrafts ? A short test after the re-apply of just the A318/A319 bundle seems to answer my question with "yes" (meaning: I see the RAAS Pro addon in all airbus/CRJ aircrafts), but maybe you could eliminate my uncertainity...
  2. Sorry, but why "move" ? In my rig, both FSX and P3D work very well in parallel (poem ;-) So I use the advantages of P3D, for example CRJ in 64bit with new functions - but don't lose older airplanes/airports that can't be converted. Today, disk space shouldn't be an issue...
  3. Today I found an answer to one of my problems in Wouldn't it be helpful to publish such hints in PDF format and put it in the download area including delivery with every update of the aircraft - avoiding internet search ? (And not only for CRJ ;-)
  4. Auch von mir ein Dank an Masterhawk. Auch ich hatte bereits LSZH und mir gestern LKPR Prag zugelegt, dabei das Problem der fehlenden Runway/Taxi/Apron Texturen im FSX. Da ich allerdings keine Lust hatte, den LSZH rauszuhauen und neu zu installieren, bin ich in Anlehnung an diesen Thread wie folgt vorgegangen, hier meine Vorgehensweise: * Problem kommt daher, dass von MA Zürich der Airport-Controller bereits installiert war. Damit werden von MA Prag nicht mehr alle benötigten Dateien reingestellt, z.B. fehlen die ganzen "Harvester" .exe und .dll , auch das ConfigurationTool, der CommonResources Folder usw. * FSX-Folder: aerosoft\AirportController Verzeichnis umbenennen in * Prag nochmal installiert (Deinstallation war nicht erforderlich) * Vergleich der beiden Verzeichnisse AirportController und Prag bringt nun wesentlich mehr Dateien mit * Dann folgende beiden (die einzigen bei mir fehlenden) Dateien aus wieder nach aerosoft\AirportController zurückkopieren: P3dProxy.dll und ResourcesLSZH.dll * Dann in die Datei aerosoft\AirportController\apc.cfg den gesamten darin fehlenden Abschnitt <ProductInfoContainer> bis </ProductInfoContainer> von MA Zürich aus\apc.cfg einbauen. Spart die Neuinstallation von Zürich. Für mich sieht das nun alles korrekt aus, in Prag sehe ich die Ground-Markierungen und in Zürich die Autos bzw. die drehende Antenne auf dem Tower.
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