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  1. Hi all,

    i think all the crashed simers have different HW (RAM-Size) and SOFTWARE (runnig in the background).

    I have been crashfree (32GB Memory RAM), i only use PFPX and TOPCAT for Route bilding (flyingparameters)

    and then i leave both.

    As i have read this threat i have done a lock in the Taskmanager with only Traffic-VATSIM and now i have seen

    the PFPX RAM_resource is grown up from 430MB to 1.3 GB (i think this is not the end) in about 10min. And now the

    big surprise, when i click on the World-Map Sympol "+" or "-" the PFPX RAM_resource goes back to his initial value

    at 430MB.

    I think the trigger for GARBISH-COLLECTION is not working or is inhibited from a external prog.

    Maby same peoble can do a test how long and at what size will the PFPX RAM_resource grows up under

    this cirumstances.


    Ich wünsche allen ein gutes neues Jahr and a crashfree PFPX.




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