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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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  1. Hi Forgive me for my hasty Conclusion, as I have now found, this is a GSX Problem. Regards Manfred Maier
  2. Hi, Airport: Mega Airport Frankfurt V2.0 Pro 1.10 Airplan: PMDG 747-8F UPS Airlines (N605UP | 2017) Sim: Prepar3D with Option-Realism-CRASHES AND DAMAGE- Ignore crashes and damage CHECKED I think the picture is self-explanatory. The large wing span of a Boeing 747 should be checked again along the Taxiways. If there is a BGL file for this object and what name does it have. Regards Manfred Maier
  3. OK tanks, i have now moved the airplane a litle back. Manfred Maier
  4. Hi all, i use MA Frankurt V2 PRO P3DV4 and would like to remove the static container from cargo parking era v310 and V311 because they disrupt the GSX ground traffic. EDDFConfig.exe (Vers. 1.10.1) has no such function. What can i do ? Manfred Maier
  5. Hi all,

    i think all the crashed simers have different HW (RAM-Size) and SOFTWARE (runnig in the background).

    I have been crashfree (32GB Memory RAM), i only use PFPX and TOPCAT for Route bilding (flyingparameters)

    and then i leave both.

    As i have read this threat i have done a lock in the Taskmanager with only Traffic-VATSIM and now i have seen

    the PFPX RAM_resource is grown up from 430MB to 1.3 GB (i think this is not the end) in about 10min. And now the

    big surprise, when i click on the World-Map Sympol "+" or "-" the PFPX RAM_resource goes back to his initial value

    at 430MB.

    I think the trigger for GARBISH-COLLECTION is not working or is inhibited from a external prog.

    Maby same peoble can do a test how long and at what size will the PFPX RAM_resource grows up under

    this cirumstances.


    Ich wünsche allen ein gutes neues Jahr and a crashfree PFPX.




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