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  1. Thanks for the consideration, Mathijs. I understand it may not be planned right now, but I think this is something that would appeal to the vast majority of long haul simmers and is certainly more realistic than time acceleration, albeit still not part of the real aircraft. To be fair, pause at T/D and pause at next step aren't part of the real aircraft either, so there is of course a balance to be had. Most simmers will be used to this feature in other long haul sim aircraft as well. Certainly not a top priority, but I think it would be well received as an added feature in the future.
  2. Yeah, I'm acutely aware that there obviously isn't auto step climb in real life. I understand how it works, but I specifically stated that I like to use that feature in other long haul aircraft in my sim because I will sometimes sleep during a portion of the cruise on longer flights.
  3. Yeah, I was afraid of that. I will often start a long haul flight overnight and sleep during most of the cruise, so that makes it a bit more challenging. Hopefully they will implement that feature like other existing long haul aircraft. I'm sure there are many simmers in my boat that like to fly in real time, but don't necessarily have 8+ hours to sit in front of the computer during a full flight.
  4. I posted this in General Discussion, but apparently that wasn't the right place...hopefully this is! I searched around a bit and haven't found it, but does the A330 auto step climb in cruise? I didn't see anything in the configuration options or MCDU menu to indicate either way and haven't tested a long haul flight with her yet, but wanted to check for flight planning when I do!
  5. Available repaints are located here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/category/113-aerosoft-crj-liveries/
  6. On behalf of @waveblaster200: N528EG in retro American Eagle colors. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8293244 Keep up the good work, Holgi!
  7. It looks great! Thanks for all of your hard work, Holgi!
  8. A Delta Connection CRJ700 (N367CA) would be great, please! http://www.airliners.net/photo/Delta-Connection-(GoJet/Bombardier-CRJ-700-(CL-600-2C10)/2087518/M/ Thanks!
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